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Ranmoor Historical News Articles

For recent news & Articles see Recent News Index  (post 1970)
 History: Further Details Historical Notes on the 8 bells (1875-1932)
Historical Notes on the 10 bells (1834-todate)
Chronological lists of Events mainly from belfry records
 Jan 1969
F. Bernard Ditcher Obituary
RW65:3016:0103   rmobit09
Lesson in Belfry, 1950 The Star, 
16th May 1950
 April 1944
Wartime Ringing III
RW39:1726:0161-2   rmold29
 Oct 1942
Death of Charles Haynes and his memorial cupboard  rmobit08

 June 1940
Wartime Ringing II
RW35:1526:0295-6   rmold28
 Nov 1939
Wartime Ringing
RW34:1498:0731 RW34:1496:0709   rmold27
 April 1938
From Choir stalls to Belfry
RW33:1411:0221-2   rmold26
 15th  July 1934
Wm Goodwin died & Qtr
RW29:1218:0475   rmold25
 21st April 1934
Ringers Day at Ranmoor
RW29:1206:0084   rmold24
 31 March 1934
New Ring of Ten at Ranmoor
RW29:1204:0250-1     rmrecast11
 March 1934
New Bells to be dedicated
RW29:1192:0056   RW29:1200:0190  RW1203:0232
RW29:1200:0186   RW29:1201:0204  rmrecast10
New Bells at Ranmoor, 1934 Ring Out, New Bells 
Mon 2nd April 1934  Sheffield Daily Telegraph
  Bells Ring Out Again
Mon 2nd April 1934  Sheffield & Rotherham Independent
  The Re-Dedication Service
Sat 31st March 1934 
  The Old and New Inscriptions and  
Weights of the Bells.
  New Peal to Pioneer's memory
Fri 9th March 1934
  Sheffield & Rotherham Independent
  Replacing the bells
Fri 9th March 1934
  Sheffield Daily Telegraph
  Casting Bells
?, ?
Sept 1933 &
Dec 1933
Sam Thomas Memorial & List of Subscribers
RW28:1188:0828  rmrecast09
 April 1933
Proposed Memorial to Sam Thomas
RW28:1152:0255  RW28:1173:0584
RW28:1154:0287  rmrecast08
 24th April 1929
Ranmoor Jubilee
RW24:0945:0283  rmold23
 3rd May 1927
W. S. Plant Funeral & Qtr
RW22:0842:0294  rmold22
 5th March 1927
S&D Meeting, Ranmoor,
RW22:0833:0150  rmold21
Sam Thomas 1924
Sam Thomas obituary  rmold02
 28th Jun 1924
Sam Thomas Funeral
RW19:0695:0443  rmold20
 5th May 1923 Sam Thomas illuminated address now lost (rmold01)
Presentation at S&D AGM
RW18:0636:0326  rmold19
 17 January 1920
 Peace Peal
RW15:0464:0067  rmold18
September 1919
Tribute to a Fallen Ringer - Arthur Ward Memorial
RW14:0447:0435  rmold17
see also Arthur Ward centenary, rmnews27
 July 1919
Peace Treaty & Mr. F. Allen Veteran who rang for Alma Victory.
RW14:0435:0290  rmold16
 8 March 1916
John Mulligan died
RW10:0262:0140  rmold15

 21st Oct 1915
picture: CH Hattersley Grave
Charles Henry Hattersley died, aged 71.

"C.H.H. In Loving Remembrance, from his brother ringers.
C.H.H. the well known and accompluished change ringer whose labour and study were of great value to the art. He was connected with the cathedral church of this city for over 50 years"
  July 1914
Joseph Atkin Obituary
YACR v39   rmobit14
  April 1914
Francis Green Obituary
YACR v39   rmobit13
  June 1913
Rev J.G. Williams Obituary
YACR v38   rmobit12
 10 May 1913
Sheffield and District AGM at Ranmoor
RW04:0113:0330  rmold14
 Feb 1913
Funeral of Richard Collier
RW04:0100:0122  rmold13
July  1912 Sam Thomas' father
  Recently, Mr. Sam Thomas, the popular conductor of the Ranmoor Society, Sheffield, lost his father, who passed away at the age of 78 years. Mr. Thomas, senr., had a record which it would be hard to beat. For something near 70 years he was a chorister at Wath-on-Dearne, and for over 50 years sexton and clerk, in addition to being conductor of a band of prize ringers in the ’6o’s.
 June 1912  Francis Ward
Mr. Francis Ward, of Sheffield, who has just entered the ranks of the benedicts,
has been presented by his brother ringers at Ranmoor, Sheffield,
with a handsome walnut overmantel.
The Vicar (the Rev. J. G. Williams) made the presentation,
and dwelt upon the spirit of unity which exists among the ringers at  Ranmoor.
 1911  Peal board for death of King Edward VII
RW1:0010:0158  rmold12
Society Meeting 1906 Sheffield District and Old East Derbyshire
Amalgamated Society Meeting, May 1906
  Jan 1905
Thomas Hattersley Obituary
YACR v30   rmobit11
 23rd July 1904 C.C.C.B.R. Schedule of Towers{continued}
Sheffield (Yorks.)  
St. John the Evangelist. Yorkshire Association.
Eight bells. All by Barwell 1878. Tenor 15 cwt., diameter 3 ft. 7 in. Timber frame.
Bells go well. Repairs by Shaw recently. Ropes good.
Methods: Grandsire, Stedman, Plain and Treble Bob.
Sunday ringing : 10.30 to I I , and 6 to 6.30. Practice : Wednesday, 7.
New Mills - 2nd Yorkshire Major Peal
BN22_1100:075  rmold11
Samuel Hinde Obituary
BN20:1005:131  rmold10
 Sept  1894 3 Published Touches

BN13:0653:250  rmold09

  19th August 1893
Outing to Blackpool & Lytham

BN13:0645:148  rmoutings17

  19th August 1893
Outing to Fen District

BN12:0596:208  rmoutings16

  8th August 1892
Outing to Bakewell & Youlgrave

BN11:0544:285  rmoutings15

  27th July 1891
Outing to Southport

BN10:0489:243  rmoutings14

  19th July 1890
Outing to Peel

BN09:0436:235  rmoutings13

Wedding of Alice Smith

BN09:0430:0163  rmold08

  Oct  & 6th Nov 1889
Mr Williams, New Vicar

BN08:0400:412  rmold07

  1st July 1889
Outing to Castleton

BN08:0380:171   rmoutings12

The Great Fire at Ranmoor Church,  Jan 1887 For a detailed description of the New Year's fire,
see the 3 newspaper articles below:
  Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 
Mon 3rd Jan 1887
  Sheffield & Rotherham Independent,
Mon 3rd Jan 1887
  Sheffield & Rotherham Independent,
Tues 4th Jan 1887
  Bell News and Ringers Record
15th Jan 1887


 1886 The St. John’s bellringers annual dinner 1886
Thursday 7th Jan 1886

BN04:0199:344  rmold06

 25 Dec 1880
 Opening of the Bells


The Consecration of Ranmoor Church,  1879 Picture: The Original church, 1879

Sheffield & Rotherham Independent, 
Fri 25th Apr 1879
extract rmold04
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