Ringing World Vol 14, Iss 435, p290,

 ? July 1919


  The signing of the Peace treaty was celebrated with much rejoicing in Sheffield. At the Church of St. John the Evangelist, Ranmoor, the bells were rung from 7 to 8.30 p.m., being fired many times, in the usual way, and several good touches of Grandsire Triples were brought round under the conductorship of Mr. W. S. Plant.
The ringers were:
The Rev. J. R. Lee Nicholls (Vicar), F. Allen (aged 85). W. Goodwin. W. S. Plant (conductor),
C. Haynes, J. E. L. Cockey (late 12th York and Lancs Regt.), H. Allen, H. E. Haynes, A. Haynes (aged 15).

  It is interesting to note that there was a difference of no less than 70 years in the ages of the oldest and youngest ringers, the former. Mr. F. Allen, ringing the 3rd remarkably well and the latter. Mr. A. Haynes, handling the treble with much credit. Mr. F Allen is proud of the fact that he rang in celebration of the battle of the Alma (Crimea), and there can be few ringers who can claim such a record. and can still be able to ring for the peace of 1919.

  The company too, are fortunate in having the assistance and inspiration of the Vicar, who has taken up the art with much enthusiasm. and bids fair to become a fine ringer. Like many other bands. it has often been a hard matter to keep things going during the war. but now, thanks to the enthusiasm of the Vienr, the welcome return of several old and tried friends, in Messrs. F. Allen, H.  Allen and W. Goodwin, who. in spite of many calls on their time, are  lending a helping hand, and to the advent of several promising recruits the company are looking forward to brighter days, and to return to the old standard of 1914, when they ranked as one of the finest bands in the county.

J. E. L. C..

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Note: The Battle of Alma, 20 Sept 1854, considered the first battle of the Crimea War(1853 -1856)  [Wikipedia]


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