Blackpool and Lytham & a 503

Bell News Vol 13, Iss 645, p148,

Monday 23rd July 1894

The Ranmoor Society, Sheffield,

  On Monday, July 23rd, through the kindness of the vicar (the Rev. J. G. Williams), the wardens, sidesmen, and several ladies and gentlemen connected with the church of St. John the Evangelist, the ringers held their annual outing, the place selected being Blackpool and Lytham, at both of which churches they had permission to ring.

  A start was made from Sheffield at 6.30 in an engaged carriage, the morning being very wet, and the route being by the Midland via the Dore and Chinnery line. Arriving at Manchester the sun broke out, and the weather for the remaining part of the day was beautifully fine.

  They arrived in Blackpool, a little before ten, when after needful refreshment, train was taken to Lytham. where the company was met by Mr. John Fell, Secretary of the Hyde branch of the Lancashire Association, to whose kindness and forethought the company are much indebted. He conducted them to the parish church, where everything being in readiness, the bells were raised in peal, and 503 Grandsire Triples was rung:
C. Sawyer, 1; W. Goodwin, 2; W. Noble, 3; T . Allen, 4;
J. Mulligan (conductor), 5; W. Pearson, 6; O. Dixon, 7 ; R. Collier, 8.

  and 209 in the same method with J. Welch (Liverpool), 7; J. Fell, 8.
Tenor 14 cwt.

  Leaving the tower they had a walk round the well-kept churchyard, in which they noticed a great quantity of beautiful roses, of nearly all shades and colours.

  Returning to Blackpool, a substantial dinner was partaken of, after which an adjournment was made to the parish church, where the company was met by Mr. Clitheroe, the conductor, who took them to the tower, and a long touch of Bob Triples was attempted, but was unsuccessful, but a 209 of Grandsire Triples proved successful, the ringers standing as before, with the exception of W. R. Small (Tipton), ringing the 6th.

  A stroll was then taken round the town, but time being limited, much could not be seen, having to return by the half-past six train, which arrived in Sheffield a little before half-past ten, the company having spent one of the most pleasant of thair annual outings.

  The ringers wish to express their gratitude to those ladies and gentlemen who so kindly contributed to the fund for their outing; also to the vicars of Blackpool and Lytham for the use of the bells, and to the local ringers also for their uniform kindness.


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