Opening of Ranmoor Church Bells

Church Bells Vol11, 08/01/1881, p91

Opening of Ranmoor Church Bells, Sheffield, Yorkshire.

  On Christmas Day [25 Dec 1880] the ring of eight bells at St. John the Evangelist’s, Ranmoor, Sheffield, were opened by the parish church ringers:
J. Sandford, 1; J. Lomas, 2; J. W. Rowbotham, 3; G. Holms, 4;
W. Booth, 5; C. Steer, 6; T. Hattersley, 7; C. H. Rawson, 8.
Conducted by Messrs. Lomas and Hattersley.

  The bells would have been opened prior to the consecration of the church, but the tower had not at that time been passed by the architect.

  The ringing was from 9 to 11 in the morning, as well as for service, and during the whole of the afternoon. Grandsire Triples, Stedman’s Triples, Bob Major, and Triple Bob Major, were rung. The fine tone of the bells was greatly admired.

  There are inscriptions on all the bells, 
the first having on it the words, ‘God grant prosperity to the parish of Ranmoor;’ 
the second, ‘Praise God in His holiness ; praise Him in His power;’
the third, ‘When we join our cheerful sound let love and loyalty abound;’
the fourth, ‘All ye people that hear us ring, he faithful to your God and Queen;’
the fifth, ‘This peal and church are dedicated to St. John the Evangelist — E. M. Gibbs, architect;’
the sixth, ‘This peal of bells was hung and fitted by Jas. Shaw and Son, of Bradford, by the superintendence of John R. Cordingley, Esq., Bradford;’
the seventh, ‘The church is the gift of J. N. Mappin, Esq., Birchlands, Sheffield;’
and on the eighth is inscribed, ‘This peal of eight bells was presented to Ranmoor Church by Wm. Smith, Esq. — James Barwell,  founder, Birmingham.’
 Tenor, 14 cwt.

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