Ringing World Vol 15, Iss 464, p67,

  17 January 1920


  A well-struck Peal of Grandsire Triples was rung on the bells at Ranmoor Church, Sheffield, on January 17th, in commemoration of the ratification of the Treaty of Peace with Germany, which occurred a few days earlier. The peal was notable in several respects. It was the first peace peal rung in the City of Sheffield and, being the first peal (rung at the first attempt) by the Vicar of Ranmoor (the Rev. J. R. Lee Nicholls), it is the first time in the Diocese of Sheffield that an incumbent has taken part in a peal on the bells of his own church.

  At the conclusion of the peal, the Vicar received the hearty congratulations of the band on his performance and on his excellent handling of his bell, and he responded by inviting those present to join him in a substantial tea at the Vicarage, which was greatly appreciated, and to which full justice was done.

  It may be added that the band was appropriately chosen, the two members from the Cathedral being ex-Ranmoor ringers (the conductor, Mr. Sam Thomas, having taught several of those present the art of  change ringing), and the ringer of the 6th coming from All Saints’, Pitsmoor, where Mr. Nicholls formerly held a curacy, and where he first learnt to handle a bell.

  The Church authorities intend to record the peal, by placing a suitably inscribed peal board in the ringing chamber at an early date.

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