Ringing World Vol 22, Iss 833, p150,

Saturday  5th March 1927  Full

  Despite the unsettled state of the weather, about 50 members visited Ranmoor, on Saturday, March 5th, the towers represented being: Barnsley, Chesterfield, Dore, Handsworth, Killamarsh, Norton, Rotherham, Sheffield Cathedral, All Saints’, St. Marie’s, Treeton and Wortley, backed up by a strong contingent of the local company.
  The peal of eight bells are not in very good going order, consequently it was not surprising that the majority of attempts to bring touches round came to grief, though it was gratifying to land a course of London Surprise.

  The Vicar, Rev. J. R. Lee Nicholls (a ringing member of the Society), conducted the service in the magnificent church, and gave a most  interesting address which was commendable for its brevity.

  Tea was provided in the local schoolroom with the usual thoroughness characteristic of the Ramnoor company, where the ringers were joined by the organist and the two churchwardens.

  The business meeting, presided over by the Vicar, was opened by a course of Grandsire Caters on the handbells, after which the minutes of last year’s annual meeting were passed ‘as read.’ The balance sheet was presented, and showed a clear gain of 2 0s. 7d. on the year's working, which, together with the capital in the bank, indicated the society’s worth at December 31st last to be 10 3s. 1d.

  An extempore report for the year 1926 was given by the secretary (Mr. Colin Harrison), who took the opportunity to eulogise the services which the late Mr. Sam Thomas had rendered to the local company and the Sheffield District Society, and expressed the hope that the Vicar and his colleagues would in the near future take some steps to improving the condition of St. John’s bells as a memorial to Mr. Thomas. Twenty-two peals had been rung during the year, which represented an increase of 7 over 1925, the methods ranging from Minor to Cinques, and including Grandsire, Treble Bob, Plain Bob, Little Bob, Double Norwich, Norfolk Surprise, Cambridge Surprise Major and Royal, New Cambridge, Yorkshire and London Surprise Major. The peal book was entered up to date, and the society had no outstanding financial liabilities whatever.

  The whole of the officers and members of committees were re-elected with the exception of the president, Mr. Arthur Craven expressing the desire to retire on the grounds of indifferent health and other calls upon his time. Mr. J. P. Tarlton, of North Wingfield, was therefore unanimously elected to this honoured post for the ensuing year.

  In replying to the vote of thanks to the Vicar, churchwardens and local company, the Rev. J. R. Lee Nicholls said that they fully appreciated the remarks of the secretary with regard to the condition of their bells. He agreed that their rehanging, etc., would be a fitting memorial to the late Mr. Sam Thomas, and the local Church Council were unanimous in their opinion regarding the welfare of the bells and their ringers. They had already received two tenders from leading bellfounders for carrying out the intended work, which approximated to 700, but owing to the bad times through which we were passing, aud the heavy drain which the diocesan fund made upon their resources (their quota to this fund was 400 annually), they did not think that the moment which they could call opportune had arrived to carry out an ambitious scheme. — Mr. Tindall, churchwarden, associated himself and his colleague with what the Vicar had said, and assured the gathering that the matter would not be shelved; they were  only waiting for financial conditions to improve, so that, when they made their appeal for funds, they would be assured of a successful response.

  Although the service, tea and business meeting occupied the best part of 2 1/2, hours, members considered the time well spent in having the assurance that the Vicar and his colleagues were with them in their desire to perpetuate the memory of Sam Thomas in a lasting and  much-hoped-for manner.

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