15th September 1933

  The bells of Ranmoor Church, Sheffield, are to be recast from a peal of eight to a ring of ten, with, we understand, the same total amount of metal. At present they are a poor peal, and for some time have been badly in need of rehanging.

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Ringing World Vol 28, Iss 1188, p828

December 1933


  As previously announced in these columns, two treble bells are to be added at Ranmoor Church, Sheffield (where the other eight are to be recast), as a memorial to Mr. Sam Thomas, a former Sheffield ringer, who died in 1924, and who did a great deal to promote ringing in the district, having, among other things, been leader of the band at Ranmoor.

 The memorial has been raised by the Sheffield District Society, who desire to thank all those who have supported it. The fund is now closed, aud the following is the list of subscribers:—

  . s. d.
Yorkshire Association 2   2  0
Ranmoor company 1 10  0
Wath-on-Dearne company 1   3  9
Sheffield Cathedral company 1   1  0
Bolsover company 1   0  0
St. Mary’s Guild, Handsworth 17  6
Killamarsh company 15  0
Norton company 10  0
Beighton company 10  0
Rotherham company 10  0
Selby company 10  0
Rawmarsh company 7 0
Barlborough company 5  0
Eastwood company 5  0
Mr. W. Goodwin, Ranmoor 5   5  0
The Churchwardens, Dore 1   1  0
Mr. M. Ward, Nottingham 1   0  0
Mr. W. A. Wooler, Wortley 1   0  0
Mr. C. D. Potter, Royston 10  0
Mr. C. Haynes, Ranmoor 10  0
Rev. J. Thompson, Bradfield 10  0
Mr. F. A. Howes Smith, Eckington 10  0
Mr. J. H. Brothwell, Treeton 10  0
Canon F. G. Scovell, Rawmarsh 5  0
Mr. J. Marshall, Edinburgh 5  0
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Lewis, Ecclesfield 5  0
Mr. J. E. Lewis Cockey, London 5  0
Mr. S. F. Palmer, Sheffield 5  0
Mr. and Mrs. J. Cotterell, Bradford 5  0
Mr. J. E. Cawser, Rotherham 2  6
Mr. A. Knights, Chesterfield 2  6
Mr. B. Knights, Preston 2  6
Mrs. C. Haynes, Ranmoor 2  6
Mr. A. E. Haynes, Glasgow 2  6
Mr. L. E. Last, Sheffield 2  6
Mr. S. Briggs, Rotherham 2  6
Mr. C. Stenton, South Anston 2  6
Mr. W. Wolstcncroft, Ashton-under-Lyne 2  6
Miss M. Benton, Dore 2  6
Miss J. Dugdale, Dore 2  6
Mr. G. M. Thorpe, Dore 2  6
Mr. W. Bingham, Dore 2  6
Mr. J. Sykes, Dore 2  6
Mr. A. S. Robinson, Dore 2  6
Mrs. F. Wilson, Sheffield 2  6
Miss E. Chafer, Sheffield 2  6
Mr. R. Richardson, Surfleet 2  6
Mr. A. Mitchell, Rawmarsh 2  0
Mr. W. Palmer, Staveley 1  6
Miss Hahn, Sheffield 1  0
Mr. A. E. Parsons, Staveley 1  0
Sale of scent cards by Ranmoor company 2 11  0
The Sheffield and District Society’s grant to guarantee 35 6   6  3


  Mr. Thomas, who died of pneumonia on June 24th, 1924, was 54 years of age. He was a typical Yorkshireman, and came of ringing stock, for his first method ringing was done in his native village of Wath-on-Dearne with his father, grandfather and uncle. He first learned to ring a bell when he was nine years of age. In those days Sam was in the choir, and, during a dispute between the ringers and the church authorities, the choir boys used to jangle the bells for service. The treble was Sam’s bell, and on one occasion he pulled at it until, to his consternation, it set, and there it had to remain until his courage returned sufficiently to permit him to touch the thing again.

  Mr. Thomas went to Sheffield in 1888 (to join the staff at the Botanical Gardens), and in the following year he became a member of the Parish Church company, with whom he rang his first peal.

  He became associated with the Ranmoor company in 1896, and, under his tuition, the band, beginning with Bob Major, eventually reached the Surprise stage.

  On the formation of the Sheffield Junior Amalgamated Society in 1890, he was elected treasurer. In 1898 the society was extended to embrace a larger area and became the Sheffield District Society, with which was eventually amalgamated the Old East Derbyshire Society. Mr. Thomas had been president of the latter since 1901, and at the fusion in 1903 continued to hold the office in the enlarged organisation. Afterwards for several years he filled the post of hon. secretary.

  Mr. Thomas always retained his attachment for Ranmoor, but he did a good deal of spade work in other places, and when the new peal of bells was put in at Dore in 1909 lie was entrusted with the formation of a new band, to which he acted as instructor.

Picture: Sam Thomas
   whose memorial at Ranmoor is to consist of two new treble bells.

  In the first years of the present century Mr. Thomas did a great deal to promote Surprise ringing in Yorkshire. He called the first peal of Yorkshire Surprise, rung on February 5th, 1903, and before going on to practise London the band took up another method, which, being regarded as a ‘half-way’ house between the two, they named Peterborough, the first peal of which he conducted in April, 1904.

  Among his other noteworthy achievements was the first peal of Original Major, which he composed and conductcd. After the war business responsibilities kept him from taking as large a part in the art as he had formerly done but his heart remained in ringing until his comparatively early

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