Bell News Vol 9, Iss 436, p235,

Saturday19th July 1890


  On Saturday, July 19th, the ringers of St. John the Evangelist’s Church, Ranmore, Sheffield,Yorks, through the kindness of the vicar, the Rev. J. G. Williams, and the wardens, had their annual outing to Peel, Isle of Man.

  The company met at the Victoria Station at 6 a.m., the weather being very inauspicious, but after leaving Liverpool a bright change came over the scene, the sun shining out brightly; the company brought the handbells into requisition and rang several tunes, which gave great pleasure to a number af passengers on board the steamer. 

  The Isle of Man now appearing in sight all anxiously waited the time to land.  On landing — after slight refreshment — the company took train to Peel, and were kindly received by the Vicar.

  On Sunday morning they assembled to ring for Divine service at the beautiful church of St. Germain’s, of which the Rev. J. G. Williams was formerly vicar, and in which he took a great interest, having with the late bishop Rowley Hill, been the means of the Church being built and the erection of the bells. After raising the bells in peal a toueh of 168 was rung to try them, and then a 503, the ringers standing as following :

Charles Sawyer, 1; Joseph Mulligan, 2; Sam Thomas, 3; James Dixon, 4;
William Mulligan (condudlor), 5; William Mellor, 6; William Plant, 7; Richard Collier, 8;
 weight of tenor about 12 cwt. I

  In the evening for service, a 629 was rung, the ringers standing as above.

  On Monday morning an attempt was made for Holt’s ten-part peal which came to grief in the third part, the ringers standing as before. They then dispersed, some to admire the beautiful places of interest in the neighbourhood, others to amuse themselves by boating, etc., returning home on Tuesday, after a most enjoyable outing.

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