Bakewell and Youlegreave
& 720

Bell News Vol 11, Iss 544, p285,

Monday 8th July 1892

RANMOOR,  near Sheffield.

  On Monday, August 8th, through the kindness of the Vicar, the Rev. J . G. Williams, the Wardens, Sidesmen, several ladies and gentlemen connected with  the church of St. John the Evangelist, the ringers held their annual outing, the places selected being Bakewell and Youlegreave, Derbyshire, at which, through the kindness of the Vicars of both places, the bells were at the service of the company.

  A start was made from near the church at 7.30 a.m. in a waggonette supplied by Mr. Hudson, of the “ Ranmoor ” inn, and although tbe morning was wet the drive was much enjoyed, as it included some of the finest scenery in Derbyshire. Arriving at Bakewell about 11 o’clock, after slight refreshment an adjournment was made to the church, where, after inspecting the many ancient monuments and other things of interest in the sacred edifice, the tower was visited, but owing to the fourth bell being cracked the company could only ring a few touches of Bob Minor.

  Leaving the church, accompanied by Mr. Smith, one of the Bakewell ringers, a conveyance was chartered for Youlegreave, and on arriving there a touch of 756 Grandsite Triples was rung.
C. Sawyer, 1; W. Noble, 2; W. Goodwin, 3; F. Allen, 4;
; W- Mellqr, 5; J. Mulligan (conductor), 6; W. Plant, 7; C. Tofts (Youlegrave), 8.
 Tenor 26 cwt.

  They returned to Bakewell by historic Haddon Hall, an extensive and ancient castellated mansion, much visited by tourists, and considered one of the most complete stongholds of the feudal barons now remaining in England. It is said to be older than the Conquest.

  Arriving at Bakewell the company partook of an excellent knife and fork tea, to which full justice was done. After taking a walk round the town the return journey was commenced, home being reached about ten o’clock, all having spent a very pleasant day. They wish to express their gratitude to those members of the congregation who so kindly contributed to the funds for their outing; and also to the Vicars of Bakewell and Youlegreave for the use of the bells, and to the local ringers generally for their uniform kindness.

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