Mr Wm Goodwin.

Ringing World Vol 29, Iss 1218, p475,

Sunday 15th July 1934


  We regret to announce the death of Mr. Wm. Goodwin, who passed away at his residence, 126, High Storrs Road, Sheffield, on Sunday, July 15th, at the age of 71 years.

  Mr. Goodwin was a member of the company at St. John-the-Evangclist’s, Ranmoor, for many years. He was not a great peal ringer, having only rung three with the late Mr. Sam Thomas. When the two trebles were added to the existing eight as a memorial to Mr. Thomas, he contributed to them very generously.

  He joined the Ranmoor company in 1888, and was also a life member of the Yorkshire Association.

  He leaves a widow, son and daughter to mourn their loss.

 On Tuesday evening. July 17th, the following ten members of the Sheffield District Society rang a half-muffled quarter-peal of Grandsire Caters (1,260 changes) as a mark of respect and as an acknowledgment of the good work he had done:

W. H. Thomas (Bristol) 1, M. E. Wilson (Sheffield) 2, J. Osgathorpe (Ranmoor) 3,
W. Burgar (Ranmoor) 4, H. Naylor (Sheffield) 5, G. Haynes (Ramnoor) 6,
R. Long (Sheffield) 7, J. Thorpe, conductor (Sheffield) 8, E. Maye (Ranmoor) 9,
H. Hurst (Ranmoor) 10.

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