Bell News Vol 8, Iss 380, p171,

1st July 1889


  On Monday, July 1st, the ringers of St. John the Evangelist? Ranmoor, Sheffield, and a few friends, held their annual outing, the place selected for the occasion being Castleton in Derbyshire.

  At 8 o’clock, a conveyance being in readiness, a start was made, the route selected being by Lady Bower, which embraces some of the most beautiful scenery in Derbyshire, and which seemed to be enjoyed by everyone.

  Arriving at Castleton, after a slight refreshment, the party dispersed to admire the wonders of the place, some to visit the ancient castle, others the wonderful Peak Cavern, while others inspected the old church, and other places ot interest. All however met again at 4 o’clock to a capital knife and fork tea provided for them at the “George” Inn.

   After tea, accompanied by Messrs. Hall and Howe, a visit was paid to the tower, where several touches were rung.

  Afterwards an adjournment was made to the “George,” where the rest of the evening was spent in harmony. Votes of thanks were passed to Messrs. Hall and Howe, and the Castleton ringers for their kindness, and to the vicar for the use of the bells. Leaving Castleton about seven o’clock, and after a pleasant drive, they arrived home shortly after ten.

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