Fen District

Bell News Vol 12, Iss 596, p208,

Saturday 19th August 1893

St. John’s Society, Ranmoor, Sheffield, Yorks.

  On Saturday, August 19th, the members of this society had their annual outing to the Fen District. Leaving Sheffield about 4 p.m., they reached Boston, Lincolnshire, after 3 hours cram amidst fishermen and fishing tackle.

  After a little refreshment, which all needed, their guide pointed out the various items of interest as they passed through the town, the principal one being the parish church tower, better known as Boston Stump. Later on he introduced them to a one-horse 'bus, which he asserted could carry twenty-two. After half-an-hour’s drive they arrived at their destination well tired.

  The next morning they got up early and had a walk through the country lanes. Breakfast and a three-mile walk through the fields to Boston church followed.

  After an introduction they were conducted to the belfry, which numbers 300 steps. On entering the chamber they were rather surprised at finding the place being almost in darkness. After lighting the candles (which they cannot do without), the bells were raised, and after several attempts, two touches of Grandsire Triples were rung for service. In the meantime the bells which hang in an iron frame, had been examined, and a splendid view of the sea and country was obtained from this lofty tower.

  It is surmounted by eight pinnacles and weather vanes. A short time ago it was struck by lightning, which carried away one of the pinnacles and buried it below; it is now in repair. The interior of the church is both spacious and beautiful, and some beautiful carving is to be seen.

   It is to be regretted that the visitors were not permitted to ring at Sibsey in the evening, a note from the sexton informing them that the vicar could not go out of the ordinary way, the bells being only chimed there.

  Freiston Shone was next visited, where a pleasant time was spent, and on returning they could hear the Frieston bells being chimed.

  On Monday they intended visiting Skegness, but rain interfered until it was too late to see the regatta.

  In the afternoon Boston, the docks, park, and other places of interest were visited.

  The following morning was spent in fishing and preparing for departure, and after the usual good-byes and a three hours’ ride they arrived home after a very pleasant outing. They wish to teuder their thanks to the vicar, churchwardens, and the ladies and gentlemen of the congregation who so generously contributed towards their enjoyment.

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