The St. John’s bellringers annual dinner 1886

  On Thursday evening, January 7th, the ringers of St. John’s church held their annual dinner at the “ Bull’s Head,” Ranmoor.

  After dinner the company adjourned to the church tower, and rang a 518 of Grandsire Triples with the following band:— H. Cressey, 1 ; Joseph Mulligan, 2; J. Broadhead, 3; F. Allen, 4; John Mulligan, 5; S. Hinde, 6 ; G. Plant, 7 ; R. Collier, 8. Also two or three other short touches.

  The Company then returned to the “ Bull’s Head," and after transacting the business of the Society, the handbells were brought out, and several tunes were rung by the members of the company; also a course of Grandsire Triples S. Hinde, 1-2 ; Joseph Mulligan, 3-4; John Mulligan, 5-6; G. Plant, 7-8.

  Songs and toasts were given during the evening. “ Success to ‘ The Bell News' ” was given by Mr. S. Hinde in a very appropriate speech. Mr. John Mulligan proposed “ Success to the Ranmoor Society," which was well received. Mr. A. B . Slowe gave “ The Fisherman's Daughter,” in a very able manner. Other songs and toasts followed, and a very enjoyable evening was brought to a close with a vote of thanks to the host and hostess, for the able and efficient manner in which the dinner had been provided.

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