Bell News Vol 13, Iss 653, p250, 13/10/1894


  Recently, for practice, 720 Canterbury Pleasure Minor in 30 mins.
C. Sawyer, 1; W. Goodwin, 2; F. Allen, 3; J. Mulligan (conductor), 4;
G. Plant, 5; O. Dixon, 6.
First 720 in the method by all.
[Note Ranmoor register has 35min]

  On Wednesday, September 12th, for practice, 672 Bob Major.
C. Sawver, 1; S. Simkin, 2; W. Goodwin, 3; F. Allen, 4;
J. Mulligan (conductor), 5; H. Wooding, 6; J. Dixon, 7; G. O. Dixon, 8.

  On Thursday, September 13th, on the occasion of the wedding of Mr. C. C. Walker and Miss Blyde,
touches of Grandsire Triples of various lengths, and in the afternoon, 672 in the same method.
G. O. Dixon, 1; W. Goodwin, 2; S. Simkin, 3; F. Allen, 4;
J. Mulligan (conductor), 5; H. Wooding, 6; G. Plant, 7; R. Collier, 8.
Tenor 15 cwt.
S. Simkin hails from Nottingham.

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