Mr J. Williams, New Vicar

Bell News Vol 8, Iss 395, p358, 26/10/1889


  On the occasion of the new Vicar (the Rev. J. Williams) coming to Ranmoor, the local company rang several touches of Grandsire Triples at the church of St. John. The reverend. gentleman afterwards expressed his thanks to the company for the hearty welcome they had given to him, and on entering his new parish the sound of the bslls was, to him, an agreeable surprise.

The company stood as follows:
C. Sawyer, 1; G. Goodman, 2; S. Hinde, 3; S. Thomas, 4;
F. Allen, 5; W. Mellor, 6; G. Plant (conductor), 7; R. Collier, 8.
Tenor 15 cwt. 3 qrs.

Bell News Vol 8, Iss 400, p412
6th Nov 1889


  On November 6th, at St. John’s church, on the arrival of the new Vicar’s wife and family from Peel to Ranmoor, the local company met to give them a ring of welcome. Only six of the members having arrived, a few 6-scores of Grandsire Doubles were rung. S. Hinde (conductor), 1; G. Goodman, 2; F. Allen, 3; W. Mellor, 4; S. Thomas, 5; W. S. Plant, 6.

  The full band having now arrived 350 of Grandsire Triples were rung.
C. Sawyer, 1; G. Goodman, 2; G. Goodwin, 3; S. Thomas, 4;
F. Allen, 5; W. Mellor, 6; S. Hinde (conductor), 7; W. S. Plant, 8.

  And 840 in the same method.
G. Sawyer, 1; G. Goodman, 2 ; S. Hinde, 3 ; S. Thomas, 4;
F. Allen, 5 ; W. Mellor, 6; W. S. Plant (conductor), 7 ; R. Collier, 8.

  Also on Tuesday, November 12th, a congregational tea was held in the schoolroom to welcome the new Vicar to the parish of Ranmoor. About 300 sat down. The Ven. Archdeacon Blakeney presided, and said he had great pleasure in saying a few words on that occasion. He thought they had acted wisely in holding that social gathering to give their new pastor a hearty welcome. He welcomed Mr. Williams with all his heart to Sheffield as they had welcomed him to Ranmoor. The new Vicar, on rising to respond, met with a most cordial reception, and said he should never forget the kind welcome given to him in coming to Ranmoor. When he arrived a few weeks ago from Peel he felt very lonely, but the ringing of the church bells were the first thing to cheer him. Then again when he arrived on Wednesday last with his wife and family the bells were pealing out to give them welcome. Nor could he ever forget the kindly greeting extended to him that night by the large gathering assembled for that purpose. On behalf of his wife and himself he thanked them for the kindly welcome they had given him.

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