Wedding 1890 of Alice, William Smith's daughter

Bell News Vol 9, Iss 430, p163,

Thursday  12/06/1890


  On Thursday , June 12th, at noon at St. John’s church. Ranmoor, the nuptials of Miss Alice Smith, of Sandygate, Sheffield, only child of the late Mr. William Smith, to Walter Bethune Blew-Jones, of London, was solemnized. At 11.45 the ringers met to ring the happy couple to church. The late Mr. Smith was the doner of the bells, which are a beautiful peal of eight, tenor 14 cwt.

  Before the wedding two touches a 503 and 209 were rung.
C. Sawyer, 1; J. Mulligan (conductor), 2; W. Goodwin, 3; J. Dixon, 4;
 W. Burgar, 5; W. Mellor, 6; W. Plant, 7; R. Collier, 8.

  After the ceremony they again assembled and rang two touches, a 657 and 294.
J. Dixon (conductor), I; J. Mulligan, 2; W. Goodwin, 3; F. Allen, 4;
 W . Burgar, 5; S. Hind, 6; W. Plant, 7; W. Mellor, 8.

  And a 1500.
C. Sawyer, 1; J. Mulhgan (conductor), 2; J. Dixon, 3; F. Allen, 4;
 W. Burgar, 5; W. Mellor, 6; W. Plant, 7; R. Collier, 8.

  The bells having lately been rehung by Messrs. Shaw and Son,
of Bradford, and the four back bells, fitted with their patent ball bearings, went admirably.

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