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Ranmoor News Articles


Ringers & Outings

Mar 2019

Articles from the Parish Magazine
New recruits at St John's
Mar 2019

Articles from the Parish Magazine 
Robin Story - 70 years ringing
11 Nov 2018

Armistice Ringing, 100 years of Remembrance
Ringing Remembers and the Battle's Over
Nov 2018

Articles from the Parish Magazine
Bell Ringer's Achivements
Sept 2018
St John's helps Catholic Cathedral
train band of bell ringers after 60 -year break.
July 2018
Sam Thomas smoker's cabinet found in Texas
July 2017
Arthur Ward centenary:
  I/IV) Arthur Ward in the First World War,
 II/IV) The Bellringing Wards,
III/IV) Ranmoor Fallen  articles by Bob Rae  and
IV/IV) Visit to Arthur Ward's grave by Pauline Heath.
see also 1919 original:-
Tribute to a Fallen Ringer-  Arthur Ward Memorial

June 2017
Ranmoor Bells, article by Tony Jones,
 for June Ed of BOB magazine,
(of the Sheffield and District Branch of the Yorkshire Association)

Jan 2017
Web site Updates following
Bell News & Ringing World DVD PDF checks
National Churches Trust
Royal Maundy Service
Feb 2013

Articles from the Parish Magazine
Peter Else,
Lawrie conducts his first quarter,
Remembrance Day quarter
27th July 2012
Picture: Olympic Chiming
Chiming for the London Olympics

Yorkshire Association – Life Members Day
 May 2010  Star article on ringing at Ranmoor  [rmnews14] 
June 2010
 Inspire Parish Magazine article on above  [rmparish06]
   Girl Guiding Centenary  also from an article in Inspire  
March 2009
75th Anniversary of the Ten Bells  at St John's
from an article in the Parish Magazine
2008 Extracts from RW article on SUGCR:

…The Guild was actually established on the 9th October, 1958,…
…The Guild was formed and initially rang on a Tuesday evening at St. John’s, Ranmoor. However, in 1962 the guild’s home tower changed to St. Marie’s Roman Catholic Cathedral in Sheffield city centre. This Cathedral has remained the home of SUGCR for the 46 years that have passed since then….


2008 Original Major by numbers  (extract)

2008 marks the 100th anniversary of the first peal of Original Major. Composed and conducted by a chap called Sam Thomas this was rung on 26th August 1908 at Ranmoor in Sheffield. In terms of what is achieved in this day and age you could think it’s no big deal, but make no mistake; calling a peal of Original Major is still a formidable task and for the ordinary conductor/bob caller it represents quite a feat.


 2007 - 2012 Clapper Bushes - The saga still continues  [rmnews13]
 26 Aug 2005 New Ten at Abingdon
The new bells will be lighter than the old ones, with a tenor weight of 16 cwt., and will be cast to the profiles of the 1934 Gillett and Johnston ring at Ranmoor, Sheffield.
The bells will be cast and tuned by the Whitechapel Bellfoundry and hung by Whites of Appleton.
MARK WALKER, Project manager


See also 22/Sept/2006


"From the Ringing Chamber" Articles from the Parish Magazine  
  December 2004,   Muffles  [rmparish04]

November 2004, Outing  [rmparish03]
  October 2004, What a clanger  [rmparish02]
  September 2004, Bellringing  [rmparish01]
   Muffles  [rmnews12]
29/8/2004   New Members  [rmnews09]
29/8/2004   9th Broken Clapper  [rmnews08]
2004 125 years of  Ranmoor church and ringing
The last 25 years

14/02/2003 Centenary of first Yorkshire Surprise Major Peal


Second article on Centenary of first YSM  Peal




Work in the Tower, Safety, Sound proofing and windows  [rmnews05]
New Year 2000 Millennium Ringing at Ranmoor  [rmnews11]
1996 Silencers & Boxes
 Jan 1995
Visitors Book



 Jan 1994
Getting roped in Sue Stiles
5th July 1992  Michael Goater ordained a Deacon  [rmnews16]
1990's Refurbishment of the Bells   
  4  1991-3 Summary of the refurbishment
  3  1993    Diaries of an Amateur Bellhanger
 (1993 AGM report)
  2  1992    Three Down and Seven to go
  (1992 AGM report)
  1  1992    Diaries of an Amateur Bellhanger
 July 1990
0  1990    Bells Inspection by Taylor's
 June 1990
Robin Story, MBE
 9th September 1988
Centenary Article & Peal 
 August 1969, Parish Review
Belfry News,  new learners - Nick Harrison

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Historical News Index (pre1969)
History: Further Details
Historical Notes on the 8 bells (1875-1932)
Historical Notes on the 10 bells (1834-todate)
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