Ringing World Vol 4, Iss 100, p122,

Saturday 2 February 1913


  At the ripe age of 74, Mr. Richard Collier, of Ranmoor, Sheffield, passed away on Sunday, February 2nd. For a great number of years he was a martyr to rheumatism, and during the past 15 years had been practically crippled by it, indeed, the wonder is that he so long defied time, and that cheerfully.

  Mr. Collier first came in contact with ringing on the peal of five at the church within the precincts of the Hall, at Islam, in Staffordshire, where he was in residence as gardener. Coming to Sheffield later, first to Kenwood Hall and then to Ranmoor College shortly before the building of Ranmoor Church, he had a great deal to say in regard to putting up the present peal in 1879. Being one of the original band at Ranmoor, and the only one of them to “stick,” the writer took care that his connection was severed only by death. Although his peal ringing consisted only of covering some four peals of Grandsire Triples, nevertheless, when he was in health his love for the bells and enthusiasm in the welfare of the ringers would not be a low standard if practised by all the ringers of the present day. During the early ’60's he was connected with the Dove Valley (Derbyshire) Rifle Volunteers (Ashbourne Co.) where he won the esteem of his comrades, as a suitably inscribed presentation watch, of which he was the proud possessor, testified.

  The funeral took place at Fulwood on Thursday week, when the coffin, in accordance with the deceased’s request, was borne to the grave by four ringers who afterwards rang a course of Grandsire Triples over the grave, viz.:
J. Evinson 1-2, S. Thomas 3-4, J. Mulligan 5-6, J. Dixon 7-8. Ringers were present from all the four churches in Sheffield, and among the floral tributes was a large and handsome wreath from the Ranmoor ringers.

  During the evening muffled touches were rung on the tower bells, including a quarter-peal of Stedman Triples, by: S. Thomas, J. Atkin, J. E. L. Cockey, L. Charlesworth, J. Mulligan, J. Evinson, W. S. Plant and C. Haynes. Messrs. Smithson (All Saints’), Allen (Ranmoor), Dixon (Norfolk Row) also took part in the ringing.

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Obituary Notices.

  YACR 1913 Annual Report v38 p178-179

Died at Sheffield, February 2nd, 1913, at the age of 74.

  Mr. Collier joined the Association in 1885 and was a double starred member. Although he is only credited with three peals he was a very active and enthusiastic member before his health failed him.

  First coming in contact with ringing at Glam Hall, in Staffordshire, and then migrating to Sheffield, he was at Ranmoor at the time the original Church was built, and was closely connected with the installation of  the present peal of eight, being one of the first company that was formed, and retaining his connection until his death.

  The funeral took place at Fulwood on Thursday, Feb. 6th, when a course of Grandsire Triples was rimg over the grave, ringers being present from all the Sheffield Churches possessing bells. Owing to the serious illness of the Vicar of Ranmoor no muffled peal was attempted, but several muffled touches were rung, including a quarter peal of Stedman Triples onthe bells he loved so well."

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