Outing Sept 1971

Ringing World Vol 67, Iss3161, p1027

25 th September 1971


  Saturday, September 25, was the date and Lincolnshire the area chosen for the autumn outing of Ranmoor ringers. An early start and a good driver ensured our early arrival at the first tower of the day, St. Giles’, Lincoln, where the splendid ring of eight (18 cwt.) was soon ringing out.

  A short journey into the city brought us to our second tower, Lincoln Cathedral, where a number of us had our first opportunity to ring on 12. It was a pity, however, that there were not more ringers present to enable changes to be rung on the glorious 12 (23 cwt.).

  From the Cathedral we made our way through the traffic and on to the market town of Sleaford. We began raising the 19 cwt. eight, but the seventh refused to rise. This appeared to be the result of a splice near the garter hole which prevented the rope from passing freely over the pulleys. These bells sound delightful, even though the long draught makes their handling a little difficult.

  After lunching in Sleaford we made the short journey to Heckington, where we encountered key trouble. There had apparently been a misunderstanding between the vicar and the local ringers over the date of our visit, but this was soon rectified and we were able to enjoy the very fine eight (19cwt.).

  Boston was our next call, and after an hour's sightseeing we made the ascent of the famous “Stump” (St. Botolph’s), where we rang on the 21 cwt. ten. We felt that we did not do full justice to them.

  The last tower was the first-class eight at Sutterton (12 cwt.), which were thoroughly enjoyed.

  Our final call was at the King’s Head at Morton (near Bourne), which is a delightful old inn. The food (as well as the beer!) had been recommended, and we were not in the least disappointed.

  Thus, tired but happy, we made the return journey to Sheffield, everyone having enjoyed another very successful outing. We all look forward to March next year, when we hope to visit towers in Staffordshire and Warwickshire.

E. M. S.

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