As listed on Page 1 of the Order of Service for the
Re-Dedication of the Bells and Dedication of Two New Bells
on Easter Eve, Saturday, March 31st, 1934 at 3-0 p.m.
(The complete Order of Service booklet is in this Word file)
No. 1-Note A. Weight 4 cwts.
"This Bell was added to the original peal of eight hells by the
Sheffield and District Society of Changeringers in memory
of Sam Thomas in 1934."

No. 2-Note G. Weight 4 cwts. 2 qrs.
Similar inscription.

No. 3-Note F. Weight 4 cwts. 2 qrs. 14 lbs.
“May God grant prosperity to the Church and Parish of
Ran Moor."

No. 4-Note E. Weight 4 cwts. 7 lbs.
“Praise God in His Holiness,
Praise Him in His Power."

No. 5-Note D. Weight 5 cwts.
“When we join our cheerful sound
Let Love and Loyalty abound."

No. 6-Note C. Weight 6 cwts.
"All ye people that hear us ring,
Be faithful to your God and Queen."

No. 7-Note B flat. Weight 7 cwts. 2 qrs.
“This peal and Church are dedicated to St. John the Evangelist.
C. M. Gibbs, Architect, Sheffield."

No. 8- Note A. Weight 8 cwts.
“This peal of bells hung and fittings by John Shaw & Son,
under the superintendence of John R. Cordingley of Bradford."

No. 9-Note G. Weight 11 cwts.
“The Church is the gift of John Newton Mappin, Esq.,
Birchlands, Sheffield."

Tenor-Note F. Weight 16 cwts.
“This peal of eight bell presented to Ran Moor Church by
William Smith, Esq.. James Barwell, Founder, Birmingham,
1878 + of Fulwood and Hallamshire Works, Sheffield."

This peal of eight bells was recast in 1934 by subscriptions
from the Parishioners."
H. C. FOSTER, Vicar.

The whole work of recasting and rehanging has been carried
out by Messrs. Gillett & Johnston, The Bell Founders, Croydon.

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