St John the Evangelist,


Saturday 1st November 1980


P. A. Story   Treble
Pauline Mortimer   2nd
M. Ingledew   3rd
C. Bennett   4th
J. Close   5th
M. Peers   6th
R.. L. Story (cond)   7th
N. Close   Tenor

Sponsored for Yorkshire Women's Cricket Association Tour 
of New Zealand, 1980/1
Photo (RW3636:0018 2/Jan/1981)

A sponsored quarter-peal was rung at St. John's, Ranmoor, Sheffield, by a band of local ringers, one of whose members has been chosen to tour New Zealand with the Yorkshire Women's Cricket Association in December and January 1980/1981: (Pauline Mortimer).
Sponsor's were asked to pledge a certain amount per lead (of Grandsire Triples) with a maximum of 90 leads for the full quarter-peal. The Yorkshire Women's Cricket Association has no means of supporting this tour apart from its own fund-raising activities organised by members and supporters. Pauline's efforts in organising the sponsored quarter-peal resulted in over 150 being raised towards the tour fund. 

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