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Date  Event  (1934 - 2017+)
09/03/1934   New bells arrive 
31/03/1934   The Opening Touch at the Dedication Service Stedman Caters by J Thorpe:
Treble J Holman (Sheffield Cathedral),  W Burgar (Sheffield Cathedral),  G Holmes (Sheffield Cathedral), 
John Flint (Bolsover),  John Thorpe (Sheffield Cathedral),  Arthur Knights (Chesterfield),
Robert Harrison (St. Marie's Sheffield),  J H Brathwell (Rotherham Parish),  Walter Allwood (Chesterfield), 
Tenor Chas Haynes (Ranmoor)
15/07/1934    Death of Wm Goodwin 
25/04/1935   The bells were rung on the occasion of the Wedding of Mr Hunt & Miss Nicholson. 
The above was the first time rung for a wedding on the new bells.  C. H. 
25/04/1935   The Bells were Rung for the Silver Jubilee of Their Majesties King George & Queen Mary
by the following Ringers:
Chas Haynes,  Hy L Haynes,  Thos A Edwards,  Henry Allen,
Jn Parker,  Francis Brightmore,  Kenneth W A Felstead,  Henry E Haynes
18/09/1935   The Bells were rung for the wedding of Raymond Spencer Barber & Miss Mary Leader. All the above [listed in the register] members [10] taking part.
03/10/1935   The Bells were rung on the occasion of the wedding of Mr Turner & Miss Matlock
13/10/1935   On Sunday Oct 13th, by visitors to the Snowdon Memorial Dinner a good course of Cambridge Surprise Royal, the first on the bells, was rung by:-
Mr. Shuker (Manchester),  G. Lewis (Ecclesfield),  Mr R. Richardson (Surfleet),
Mr. Cole (Walthamstow),  Mr. J. Holman (Sheffield),  Mr. J. Goldsmith (Woking),
A. P. Knights (Sheffield),  Mr. F. W. Perrens (Coventry),  Mr. E. P. Duffield (Colchester),
Mr. R. Richardson (Surfleet)
Nov 1936   Prop. C. Haynes Sec. H. E. Haynes Minute: That B Ditcher becomes a member of this society  
22/04/1937   Permission was granted by the Church Council for 6 peal attempts during the year on these bells irrespective on any other meeting 
04/09/1937   The Bells were rung on the occasion of the wedding of Miss Wallis & Mr ...
13/06/1940   Ringing was not permitted from this date by order of the Government 
17/10/1942    Death of Charles Haynes 
15/11/1942   EL ALAMAIN
The bells were rung on Sunday 15th Nov 1942 to celebrate the glorious British victory of 'El Alamain' by the Eight Army. The ringers were:
Messrs: H. Allen, E. G. Dickens, H. E. Haynes, W. Bilson, B. Ditcher,
J. Parker, T. Edwards, L. Hartle, L. Thornton, W. Corker, J. W. Smithson.
10/04/1944   First peal (peal 46) after bells rehung, 5040 Kent Treble Bob Royal. 
Jan 1947   This year an old custom was revived. The Old Year was rung out (bells Half-Muffled).
The New Year “1947” was ushered in with “Shots”, “Rounds”, “Queens”, & a touch of Bob Major.  E.G.D.
 Overseas broadcast,
Palm Sunday,

F. B. Ditcher,
J. Parker,
L. Hartle,
A. Beresford

J. W. Smithson,
E.G. Dickens,
E. M. Palin,
H. E. Haynes,

picture: 1947a picture: 1947b
08/04/1947   No 4 Stay broke  
20/04/1947   Tenor clapper broke,  
24/08/1947   H. Allen died  
21/09/1947   Minute: prop. Mr Haynes, Sec. Mr Edwards: That a grant of £2 be given to Miss Allen in lieu of a wreath,
 as an expression of our sympathy on the occasion of her brother's death (24 Aug 1947)
25/11/1947   8th clapper broke, & 8th slider cracked 
13/01/1948   Spliced & ended (crown knot) No 10 rope 
22/02/1948   5th clapper broke,  
30/03/1948   Tenor clapper broke,  
11/05/1948   Open Night. Belfry 'packed to capacity' with girls & boys & grown-ups 
29/06/1948   No 5 bell rope broke 
15/12/1948   The bells were rung in Commemoration of the birth of the Prince Charles  
16/01/1949   8th clapper broke,  
18/01/1949   Stay of 3rd broke 
25/01/1949   "Ditto" 
22/02/1949   "and again" 
27/02/1949   Visitor G. Holmes from Crosspool, had rung in the First Peal on 9th Mar 1881, of Grandsire Triples  
10/05/1949   Open Night. Belfry 'packed to capacity' with ('ringers' crossed out) spectators, girls & boys & grown-ups. Approx 60. 
  30/10 - 01/11/1949   Ringing Chamber Undergoing Repair 
11/12/1949   Sun eve - 6th clapper broke, near top of stem 
 The last moments of 1949 in Ranmoor belfry

T. Edwards, S. Maule, J. Beddingfield, F.B. Ditcher (Ringing Master), E.G. Dickens, H. E. Haynes,
E. M. Palin

M. Ditcher, L. Hartle, P. Burwell
picture: 1949
05/05/1950   Open Night 
04/07/1950   Stay of No.4 broke 
08/08/1950   11a.m - 12:15p.m. Visit by Society of Roving Ringers 
05/12/1950   No1 Bell stay broken 
01/02/1951   Rang for Funeral (Mr E. R. Davy) 
08/05/1951   Open Night 
15/02/1952   For the funeral of King George VI, the tenor was tolled 56 times at minute intervals from 9:30AM to 10:25AM during the funeral procession.    
At 7:45 a muffled peal was rung in memoriam.
13/05/1952   Open Night Well attended. No.2 rope broke. Replaced by new rope 
09/09/1952   Tenor clapper broke, about 10" from top 
30/09/1952   Stay of No.4 broke 
24/02/1953   Stay of No.4 broke 
29/03/1953   Bells rung half-muffled in memory of the late Majesty Queen Mary 
31/03/1953   Stay of No.4 broke 
02/06/1953   Rung for coronation of the Queen 
10/11/1953   Stay of No.4 broke 
09/05/1954   Open Night 
15/05/1954   10 Bells rung on the occasion of the Queen's return from her tour of the Commonwealth & Dominions  
10/07/1953    Mr E. G. Dickins, a member of this tower for many years died this day 
22/04/1956   5th rope broke replaced with old one spliced in Oct 1950 
01/11/1959   The Vicar (Mr Pain) preached his first sermon 
22/11/1959   5th clapper broke, 3" from top 
01/12/1959   Treble & Tenor Ropes broke, New rope fitted to Tenor 45ft-12ft 
19/02/1960   Rang to commemorate the birth of a son [Prince Andrew] to the Queen 
13/03/1960   7th rope broke, spliced by W. G. L. Smith & rehung 26 Mar 1960 
25/11/1961   New Rope (Nicholls) on 3rd (Green & Red Sally) 
30/12/1961   New Rope (Nicholls) on 6th (Green & Red Sally) 
20/01/1962   New Rope (Prichards) on 4th (Blue & Red Sally) 
30/10/1962   New Rope (Prichards) on 9th  
05/04/1964   AGM: Mr E. M. Palin elected Captain 
29/10/1968   Tenor clapper fracture during lowering after practise, repaired by Taylor's  
Jan/1969   Bernard F. Ditcher Obituary 
 YACR : Northern District replaced by Cleveland & North Yorkshire Branch.
31/01/1970   YACR : Leeds and District Amalgamated Society became the 5th Branch of YACR  
01/06/1970   10 virtually new ropes fitted, purchased from the demolished St. Andrew’s, Derby 
28/07/1972   5th clapper broke, repaired by Taylor's 
02/09/1973   Tenor clapper broke, repaired/replaced? by Taylor’s 
  1974   YACR - Sheffield and District Society now the 6th Branch of the YACR, Southen Branch renamed Central  
Sept/1974   7th clapper broke, repaired by Metrology Dept Sheffield University 
16/08/1975   7th clapper broke again, repaired by Taylor’s 
31/01/1978   Tenor clapper broke 
08/05/1978   7th clapper broke – flight slid off shaft!, repaired by Taylor’s 
19/06/1979   10 new ropes from Pritchards, £185 
10/04/1983   5th clapper broke during rounds for Sunday evening service 
Sept 1983   Attendance payments ceased (£3.05 max, 10p Sun, 5p Tues) £3.00 Steeple keeper 
1992-93   Major Refurbishment of pulleys, headstocks, & clapper bearings with maintenance free bearings. 
1994   New "Easyfit" Muffles bought , replacing original leather, strap and buckle muffles 
May 1996   Silencers made for front 6 by NPDH, following a design by RSH for Treble 
Nov 1996   Set of New stackable boxes, designed by NPDH, made by G. Axelby.  
1st Mar 1997   YACR now comprises of 9 Branches viz:
Central / Cleveland and North Yorkshire / East Riding / Leeds and Distrixct /
Scarborough and District / Selby and District / Sheffield and District / Western / York
and District
Feb 1998   Fitted new ceiling bosses after number of ropes frayed above the sally 
Feb-Apr 1999   Clappers on front 4 re-bushed again! due to excessive wear. 
31st Dec 1999   On Friday night Dec 31st before midnight,
the bells were rung half muffled for the close of the millennium
Note : This is only 99 years after the last 'close of the century' celebrations, as this time the celebrations are for end of the 1900's, and  commence of the 2000's (with its Y2K software 'bug' implications) rather than the end of the 2nd / start of ther 3rd millenium, which would be 31/12/2000 - 01/01/2001! !
1st Jan 2000   After midnight Saturday morning 1st Jan,
the bells were rung  open to welcome the dawn of the third millennium. 

   Note: This is only 99 years after the last 'close of the century' celebrations, as this time the celebrations are for end of the "1900's", and  commence of the "2000's" (with its software 'Y2K bug' implications),
rather than the end of the 2nd / start of the 3rd millenium, [which would be 31/12/2000 - 01/01/2001!]
1st Jan 2000   A quarter peal of Grandsire Triples was rung for midday service to welcome the dawn of the twenty first century, also to commemorate the centenary of the establishment of the Protectorate of Northern Nigeria 
2002   New adjustable shutters and hand rails installed in the bell chamber, following the refurbishments of 1992/93 
2003   O2 installed mobile phone antennae in the spire, above sound lantern 
2004   Work under taken to gain access to the only two opening windows in the ringing chamber, hidden behind brickwork.  
29/08/2004   9th clapper broke (at top of stem), - for the first time - Replaced  
08/08/2006   9th clapper seized (not 2yrs old), rebushed by Taylors  
Spring 2007   All Clappers (bar 9th) rebushed once again by Taylors 
Spring 2008   3rd Clapper rebushed under warranty, due to wear 
July 2008   Simulator purchased from David Bagley  
Spring 2012   All Clappers rebushed yet again by Taylors, 9th Clapper replaced. 

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