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Date  Event  (1875 -1934) 
 03/07/1875   Yorkshire Association founded
24/04/1879   Original church consecrated 
25/12/1880   Opening of Ranmoor Bells 
19/03/1881   First Peal of Grandsire Triples 
02/01/1887   Great Fire, but tower and bells spared 
09/09/1888   New church reopened, recorded by plaque in porch 
1890  Sheffield and District Society founded 
Wed 03/01/1894   Practise Night first recorded as a Wednesday 
Sun 21/01/1894   Morning: 360 Canterbury Pleasure Bob Minor rung for the 1st time at Ranmoor, J Mulligan cond. 
Sun 04/03/1894   Morning: 360 Canterbury Pleasure Minor 
Sun 04/03/1894   Evening: 576 Bob Major. cond J. Mulligan 
Wed 07/03/1894   Practise: 672 Bob Major & 336 Canterbury Pleasure Triples, cond J. Mulligan 
Sun 11/03/1894   Evening: 574 Bob Triples. cond J. Mulligan 
25/03/1894   No ringing - Building  the Louvres up 
Sun 20/05/1894   Morning: First attempt of 720 Canterbury Pleasure Minor. But unfortunately missed it.  
Wed 23/05/1894   Practise: 336 Bob Major & 2 courses of Stedman Doubles, touch of Grandsire Triples 
Wed 30/05/1894   Practise: first 2 courses Stedman Triples, touch of Grandsire Triples 97  
Sun 20/05/1894   Evening: 360 Canterbury Pleasure Minor.
Sun 27/05/1894   Evening: 504 Canterbury Triples. First by all the Band and first rung on these Bells. J Mulligan cond.  
Sun 03/06/1894   Morning: 224 Grandsire Triples & 112 Bob Major  
Sun 03/06/1894   Evening: 574 Bob Triples 
Sun 10/06/1894   Evening: 360 Bob Minor 
Wed 13/06/1894   Practise: 573 Grandsire Triples, 336 canterbury Triples, 3 courses Stedman Triples,  
Sun 17/06/1894   Morning: 1260 Grandsire Triples Comp & cond by J. Mulligan 
Sun 17/06/1894   Evening: 4 course Stedman Triples, 167 Gradsire Triples  
Wed 20/06/1894   Practise: Stedman Doubles, & 360 Bob Minor  
Wed 11/07/1894   Practise: 500 Canterbury Triples, & Stedman Triples 
Sun 15/07/1894   Morning: 252 Canterbury Triples & 219 Gradsire Triples  
Sun 15/07/1894   Evening: 360 Bob Minor  
Wed 17/10/1894    Ringing for Harvest Thanksgiving service.
 2 Courses of kent Treble Bob Major & 5 Course of Stedman Triples.
 J. Hattersley, J. Mulligan, S. Thomas, J. A. Dixon,
W. Burgess, H. Ward, W. Biggin, H. Wooding, & R. Colins
27/10/1895   Engineers and Indian Mutiny Veterans at Church 
Tues 19/02/1895    Ringing for Wedding of Mr Marshall & Miss Fowler. 2gns  
Thurs 08/08/1895    Ringing for Wedding of Miſs Lillian Firths. £3.3.0  
Thurs 03/10/1895    Ringing for Marriage of Mr. Tindale & Miſs Hall. £3.3.0  
Wed 20/11/1895   Ringing for Marriage of Mr. Bush & Miſs Harrison. £3.3.0  
Sun 10/11/1895   Evening: 559 Grandsire Triples  
Wed 15/01/1896    Ringing for Miſs Peace's wedding. fee 3gns, 672 Grandsire well struck. cond J. Mulligan  
Thurs 30/01/1896   Attempt for date touch rung 45min, was then stopped.  
Sun 02/02/1896   Evening: 630 Grandsire Triples. cond J. Mulligan  
Sun 01/03/1896   Evening: 490 Grandsire Triples. cond J. Mulligan 
Sun 01/03/1896   Evening: 490 Grandsire Triples. cond J. Mulligan 
Wed 25/03/1896   336 Bob Major  
Sun 03/05/1896   Evening: 574 Grandsire Triples. cond J. Mulligan 
Wed 26/08/1896   Ringing for Marriage of Mr. Wise & Miſs Hadfield[?] fee 3 gns  
Wed 16/09/1896   Bells were rung half Muffled at both Morning & Evening Service for Archdeacon Favell 
Sun 27/09/1896    Bells were rung half Muffled as a token of respect for the late Chas. Bower,
  one of the Parish Church Ringers
Sun 04/10/1896    Sam Thomas first appears in register 
Mon 05/10/1896    Ringing for Harvest Festival 
Thur 08/10/1896    Ringing for Mr. Firth's & Miſs Dixon's Wedding. fee 3 gns  
22/10/1896   Sudden Death of the Archbiship of Canterbury 
22/11/1896   J. Mulligan left the Company 
Wed 09/12/1896    With Bells half Muffled as a tribute of respect to the late John Lomas, 49 years Ringer at the Parish Church, a touch of Grandsire Triples, 1056 changes in 40 min. Also 352 Bob Major, cond J. Mulligan 
Wed 03/03/1897    Bells were deeply Muffled for Mr J. W. Harrison's funeral. fee 2gns  
Sun 07/03/1897    Bells were rung half Muffled at both Services for the late J. W. Harrison 
Sun 18/04/1897    Easter Sunday: All bells rung for early communion, half past seven. 
Wed 05/05/1897   Practise: 720 Kent Treble Bob Minor, cond by S. Thomas 
Sun 20/06/1897    For morning a Touch of Grandsire Triples, 6 course of Plain Bob.
  For Evening 672 Grandsire Triples & 448 Plain Bob
Sun 04/07/1897    Morning: 504 Grandsire Triples, cond by W. S. Plant 
Sun 04/07/1897    Evening: 546 Grandsire Triples, cond by W. S. Plant 
Wed 28/07/1897    Bells half Muffled for Mrs. Plant, W. S. Plant's wife.
Sun 12/09/1897    Evening: 704 Kent Treble Bob, cond by S. Thomas 
Wed 15/09/1897    No ringing for Wedding of Miss Pearce on account of Mr Brails from illness 
Wed 06/10/1897    Practise: 1152 Kent Treble Bob 
Sun 17/10/1897    Morning: two courses Kent Treble Bob 
25/12/1897    Christmas Day: All bells rung at both services 
01/01/1898   On New Years morning after the Midnight Service, 672 changes of Grandsire Triples
 cond. S. Thomas & W. S. Plant
Wed 09/03/1898    Confirmation - 7 Bells rung  
Sun 10/04/1898   On Easter Sunday: 7 bells rung for early morning service 7:30.
 W. Plant & F. Green fined for non attendance
Thurs 28/07/1898   On the 28th Bells half muffled for Mrs Plant, W. S. Plant's wife
Sun 21/08/1898   Morning: 504 Stedman Triples 
Thur 15/09/1898   Ringing for the wedding of Mr Bruce & Miſs Adeliade Firth. fee 3gns 
Sun 26/09/1898   Ringing for Harvest Festival 
Sun 20/11/1898   the Engineer Volunteers with the Crimean and Indian Mutiny Veterans at Church 
Sat 10/12/1898   Visit of the Sheffield and District Society to Ranmoor 
19/07/1899    Ringing on the occaision of Mr Hawkerley's Wedding Feec £3.3.0 
19/07/1899   Wedding fee £3-3s, Fines 6d, full salary 12/6, steeple keeper 12/6 per quarter 
10/1899   New vicar Rev. J. Williams arrives from Peel 
27/02/1900    1/4 Grandsire Triples, 1260 changes, 46min, On Shrove Tuesday, on the occasion of the Annual Tea and also to celebrate the Victory at Paardeberg (near Kimberley, in 2nd Anglo-Boer War) 
Sun 06/04/1900    For Morning service 420 Stedman Triples, 4 times repeated.  
Sun 20/05/1900    For Evening service 588 Stedman Triples 
Sun 27/05/1900    For Evening service 672 Bob Major 
Sun 10/06/1900    For Evening service 756 Stedman Triples 
Sun 22/08/1900    The bells were rung on the occasion of Miſs Flather's marriage 
31/12/1900   On Monday night Dec 31st, for Midnight service, a touch of Grandsire Triples was rung with the bells half muffled for the close of the century. 
01/01/1901   On January 1st after Holy Communion a touch was rung in the same method to welcome the dawn of the twentieth century with the bells open. 
Sun 28/04/1901    Evening: 504 Stedman Triples 
8/06/1901   Sam Hinde died 
26/06/1901   The bells were rung for the wedding of Lieut Hemmann and Miss Zeitz 
12/09/1901   The bells were rung on the occasion of the marriage of the daughter of Ald. W. H. Brittain.  
24/09/1901    The bells were rung for the wedding of Dr Wightman and Miss Lockwood  
1902   Sheffield and District and Old East Derbyshire Amalgamated Society founded.  
03/04/1902   The bells were rung on the occasion of the marriage of Miss Hilda Laycock and Mr Norman Peace, Fee £3/3/0. After the wedding the ringers were entertained with a substantial repast in the parish room.  
23/10/1902   The bells were rung on the occasion of Miss Bellfits wedding  
13/04/1903   1st Yorkshire Surprise Major Peal, at Ranmoor 
13/04/1903   2nd Yorkshire Surprise Major Peal, at New Mills 
Sun 28/09/1903   Eight bells rung for Harvest Festival  
Wed 06/12/1905   The bells were rung for the wedding ff Mr. Mitchel & Miss Burrows. usual fee. 
Wed 19/09/1906   The bells were rung for the wedding of Mr. Wild & Miss Parkin  
19/04/1908   District Meeting: 21 dinners @2/6  £2/12/6 total, drink 16/11. 
 March 1910 
  St John's, Ranmoor
awarded best average attendance
for Sunday ringing for the year.
  picture: certificate of attendance 
  16/03/1910    On Wednesday Evening for practise, a plain course of Superlative Surprise Major 
  J. Evinson, 1;   J. Osguthorpe, 2;  C. H. Hattersley, 3;  L. Charlesworth, 4;
 M. Ward, 5;  Francis Ward, 6;  S. Thomas, 7;  C. Haynes, 8;
This being the first course in the method by a majority of the company. S. T.
Fri 20/05/1910    Fully Muffled Peal of Bob Major, 5024 changes, in 3hr 15min, as a memorial to King Edward VII 
Sun 11/09/1910   The Reverend H. S. J. Richardson paid a visit to Ranmoor and conducted some Double Norwich for evening service, afterwards attending Divine service with the locals 
Sept. 1910    Shutters were fixed to upper tower windows i.e. The East & South bows above the louvres, and the approach from ringing room to bell cage considerably improved by altering the ladder to make the large peal Tablet more free from obstruction. 
Wed 26/10/1910    The bells were rung for the wedding of Mr. Wragg and Miss C. Burrows  
Tues 06/12/1910    The bells were rung for the wedding of Capt. Burnyeat and Miss Elsie Harrison  
Wed 14/12/1910    The bells were rung for the wedding of Mr. C. Smith Levick and Miss D. Oakes  
Dec 1910    A Tablet recording the muffled peal for the Late King erected by subscription [see May 20th 1911 below!]
Wed 22/03/1911    Practise: Two courses of Superlative Surprise. R. W. Collins, J. Holman, C. H. Hattersley, S. Thomas,
M. Ward, Francis Ward, W. S. Plant, C. Haynes (W.H.W.H)
April 26th 1911    On Wednesday evening, for Practise 672 Superlative being the first 3 courses with members of thwe local company.   
May 20th 1911    On Saturday afternoon, the memorial tablet erected to record the muffled peal rung by the local company on the occasion of the funeral of H. M. King Edward VII, was unvielid in the presence of a good number of ringers and friends, by Mr. John Mawhood (churchwarden) the vicar precidind. [see Dec 1910 above!] 
  June 22nd 1911    The bells were rung on the occasion of the coronation of H. M.King George V June 22nd, some of the ringers being indisposed no peal was attempted much to the disappointment of the majority of the members.   
  1913    Yorkshire Association reformed into 4 Districts (N, S, E, & W)  
Feb 1913   Richard Collier Funeral 
07/06/1913    Half muffled Peal of Kent Treble Bob Major, in 3hr 29min, 5184 changes, a tribute to the memory of Rev J. G. Williams, vicar of Ranmoor for over 23years 
Tues 30/09/1913    The Rev J. R. Lee Nicholls was "instituted" by the ArchBishop of York assisted by the Bishop of Sheffield and the Rural Dean the Rev Cannon Gilmour on Tuesday the lat day of September 1913 the bells being rung in honour therof. On Wednesday October 1st an attempt was made for a peal of Double Norwich, R. W. Collier conducting, which unfortuanately came to grief in an hour. 
04/10/1913    Peal of Double Norwich Court Bob Major, in 3hr 1min, 5184 changes,
 to welcome Rev J.  R. Lee Nichols as new vicar
Jan 1914   During this quarter, Yorkshire Surprise was first rung for Divine Service on Sundays.

 Much practise at raising and lowering the bells in peal being obtained owing to workmen being employed on the tower fabric.
Wed 24/06/1914    The bells were rung in honour of the wedding of Miss Vera Wilkinson and Dr A. Garrick Wilson 
Aug 1914   Mr J. E. L. Cockey enlisted in His Majestys Forces for War Period 
03/09/1914   S. Thomas resigned.  
Tues 14/09/1915    Practise: The Vicar Rev. J. R. Lee Nicholls attending was put through his first courses of Grandsire Triples adding much pleasure to local company by his interest in the Art. Also some good ringing was obtained through the medium of Mr S. Thomas, J. Holmes and L. Charlesworth members of the Cathedral Church. Touches of Superlative & Double Norwich were brought round in excellent tune. 
21/10/1915   C.H. Hattersley died, aged 71 
08/03/1916   John Mulligan died 
Summer 1916   M. Ward & A. Ward Serving in His Majestys Forces 
Summer 1917   M. Ward missing since May 3rd, Prisoner of War in Germany. 
 J. E. L. Cockey wounded and discharged.
01/07/1917   Arthur Ward killed in action. - see memorial  27/09/1919
11/11/1918   THE GREAT WAR
On this day an armistice was signed at 5 a.m. & hostilities on all fronts ceased at 11a.m. 
The bells in the Tower of Ranmoor Church were rung during the day to celebrate the event. The ringers whose names are recorded on the opposite page took part in the ring. viz.

J. R. Lee Nicholls Vicar, W. S. Plant,  Wm Goodwin, Henry Allen, Chas Haynes,
Francis Ward, Joseph Osguthorpe, J. Edward L. Cockey (late 12th Y&L Regt), James Evinson,
Henry E. Haynes, Arnold E. Haynes (age14)
Wed 19/02/1919   Last Wednesday evening Practise 
Thur 27/02/1919   Practise evening now Thursday [not changed in YA reports unitil 1923]
  To commence with a short prayer
before ringing for Evening Service
 picture: prayer 
28/06/1919   PEACE
Peace between the Allies & Germany was signed at Versailles on this day. The bells of St. Johnís Church were rung in the evening to celebrate the event. The ringers whose names are recorded on the opposite page took part in the ring , one of whom Ė Mr F Allen,  had rung on the occasion of the Crimean War  (The Battle of Alma, 20 Sept 1854).  viz.

J. R. Lee Nicholls Vicar, Francis Allen (Age 85), William. S. Plant,  Wm Goodwin, Chas Haynes,
J. E. L. Cockey (late 12th York & Lancr Regt), Henry Allen, Henry E. Haynes, Arnold E. Haynes (15)
 Memorial to 
Private Arthur Ward

  killed in action
 picture: Arthur Ward Memorial 
02/07/1919   The Bells were rung for the wedding of Mr J. W. Morrison and Miss Haynes 
27/09/1919    1/2 muffled peal of Bob Major, for Athur Ward, in 3hr 19min, 5088 changes,  
17/01/1920    a well struck peal of Grandsire Triples, for ratification of the Treaty of Peace with Germany,  
21/06/1920    The bells in this tower was rung for the wedding of Miss Barker & Mr. Haggie.  C.H.  
27/04/1921   The Bells were rung on the occasion of the wedding of Miss Tomroy [?] & F. Lew [?] Biles 
05/05/1923    Presentation to Sam Thomas of Address of thanks,
in recognition of his efforts for the Art of Change Ringing.
31/03/1921    Peal of Grandsire Triples, in 2hr 54min, 5040 changes, Fortieth anniversary of the first peal on these bells. 
Sept 1921   Proposed W. Burgar, Sec J. Osguthorpe: That the best thanks of the company be accorded to Mr. Goodwin for the table presented for the Tower. Carried unanimously. Entered in minute book 
04/12/1921   To Mr Hayes, Sec Ranmoor Society of Change Ringers
Dear Sir , I wish to resign from this society from Nov 27th 1921. Yours truely, W. Burgar
   on the back of the same letter:
Prop by Mr J. R. Lee Nicholls, Sec by Mr W. Goodwin: That a hearty invitation be sent to Mr. Sam Thomas to rejoin the Company. [his name reappears in the register in April 1923] 
28/02/1922   The bells in this Church were rung for the wedding of Princess Mary & Lord Lascelles during the evening, but meeting short we could only ring six shots & rounds & short touches of Plain Bob & Kent Treble Bob were brough round. C.H. 
27/07/1922   An attempt was made for a peal of Stedman Triples but was unsucessful after 58 min Good Ringing 
21/01/1923    A presentation was made to Wm. S. Plant of a Letter Wallet & Notes from the past and present members and friends by Rev. J. R. Lee Nicholls for 40 years attendance at this Church.  C.H. 
21/01/1923    The bells were rung for the Wedding of Mr. Terry & Miss Manning on this date.  C.H. 
06/04/1924    The bells were rung on the occasion of the marriage of Mr. M. E. K. Westlake and Miss Violet F. M. Tindall with best wishes from the Ringers.  C.H. 
24/06/1924    Death of Sam Thomas and his funeral  
28/06/1924   An unsuccessful attempt for a peal was made on this date with the bells half-muffled as a tribute to our old departed friend Sam Thomas which unfortunately came to grief after 2hrs 36mins ringing.  C.H.
(See following week, 8/7/1924,  peal 45)  - last peal before bells rehung.
02/09/1924   The Bells were rung on the occasion of the marriage of Miss McGregor & Mr. Briggs 
1925   Proposed that H. E. Haynes be given 3rd pay for Sun. mornings and be subject to full fine if he does not attend. 
31/03/1925    The Bells were rung on the occasion of the wedding of Mr. R. H. Chope and Miss Joan G. Mawhood 
15/04/1925    The Bells were rung on the occasion of the wedding of Miss Senior and Mr. Ian McGregor.  C.H. 
21/07/1925    The Bells were rung on the occasion of the wedding of Mr. T. F. Sandeman & Miss H. M. Howson. C.H. 
Thur 14/01/1926   Last Thursday evening Practise 
Tues 19/01/1926   Practise evening now Tuesday [not changed in YA reports until 1936]
24/04/1926    The Bells were rung for the wedding of Miss Wilson & Mr. Dowding on this day.  C.H. 
03/05/1927   W. S. Plant Funeral 
18/08/1927   The Bells were rung on the occasion of the wedding of Major C. M. Plumtree & Miss Stevenson
18/11/1928   A wreath was placed on the cross at St. Johnís in memory of Fallen Ringers by the above named company.   C. H.
29/05/1932   Mr C. F. Johnston informed Mr Forster the bells were not safe to ring and submitted estimates for the work 
08/06/1932   Messrs Oldham & Fiddler (Taylor & Co) declared the bells unsafe to ring 
12/06/1932   Stopped ringing on account of the bells being unsafe to ring.  C. H. 

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