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Bell Ringers’ Achievements

Sometimes you will hear the bells ring continuously for 50 minutes or so before a service or after a wedding. This is because we are ringing a quarter peal. We try and do this to celebrate special occasions.

One of the difficulties is that we need to ring the correct changes throughout the time
— if we go really wrong we are not allowed to call it a quarter peal.

The three most recent quarter peals we have rung were for the local ringing
association quarter peal weekend and to welcome Matthew as our new vicar..

Sunday, 2nd September 2018

A Quarter Peal of 5 Methods Doubles:
120 Stedman, 240 Grandsire, 240 St Simons, 240 St Martins,
420 Plain Bob 1260 Changes in 42 min
Tenor Scwt 3qtr 21lbs
1. Gill Platt-Hopkin 2. David Williams 3. Tony Iones
4-. Elaine M. Scott 5. Peter]. Scott (c) 6. Leslie Middleton
Conducted by: P Scott

Rung for Evensong, for the Quarter Peal weekend of the Sheffield Branch
ofthe Yorkshire Association.

Sunday, 16th September 2018

A Quarter Peal of Plain Bob Doubles:
1260 Changes in 46 min
Tenor 5cwt 3qtr 21lbs
1. Pauline Heath 2. Ianet Else 3. Gill Platt-Hopkin
4. Tonylones 5. David Williams (c) 6. David Rushby
Conducted by: D Williams

To welcome Rev. Canon Matthew Rhodes as vicar of St ]ohn's Ranmoor
and Area Dean of Hallam and to celebrate Heritage Open Days.

Monday, 17th September 2018

A Quarter Peal of Plain Bob Minor (with a cover]:
1320 Changes in 49 min
Tenor 16cwt lqtr Slbs
1. David Williams 2. Pauline Heath 3. Robin L. Story 4. Nick P. D. Harrison
5. Tony ]ones 6. Edmund H. Mottershead (c) 7. Leslie Middleton.
Conducted by: EH Mottershead

Rung at the Institution and Induction service
to welcome Revd Dr Canon Matthew Rhodes
as vicar of St ]ohn's Ranmoor and Area Dean of Hallam.

by Elaine Scott

(The articles above appeared in the Nov/2018 issue of Inspire)  

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