From the Ringing Chamber

 February 2013

A Ringing Achievement

 On Sunday December 2nd, Lawrie Penman, one of our ringers, conducted his first quarter-peal. The conductor's task is to take charge of the ringing for the 45 minutes of the performance, ensure the correct changes are rung, and tell the band when to alter the pattern. This is a significant challenge and many ringers never feel confident enough to try, certainly not before their 16th birthday. It is over twenty years since we have taught a learner to handle a bell at Ranmoor, and they have subsequently conducted a quarter-peal for us. Congratulations Lawrie!

Rung at St John's Ranmoor
1272 Plain Bob Minor
The Ringers:
1 Janet Else
2 David Williams
3 Richard Noble
4 Elaine Scott
5 Lawrie Penman (Conductor) 
6 Peter Scott

Peter Else

 Handbells were rung on Saturday November 10th in thanksgiving for the life of Peter Kenneth Else on the occasion of his funeral as the procession left the church for the crematorium. This was the first performance on the restored handbells, and their first for over sixty years. The bells were donated to the ringers of St John's Ranmoor by the family of John Garratt of Sapcote in Leicestershire. Peter Else was the link between the bells' old and new homes. He was a member of the Sunday Service Band of ringers at St John's.

Rung at St Luke's, Lodge Moor, Sheffield
1272 Plain Bob Minor in 28 minutes with Tenor 15 in C
The Ringers:
1-2 Iain D Scott
3-4 Elaine M Scott
5-6 Peter J Scott (c)

Remembrance Day, Sunday November 11th

 Members of the Sunday Service Band, with the bells half muffled, rang for Remembrance Day
and in thanksgiving for the life of Peter Else.

Rung at St John's Ranmoor
1260 Plain Bob Triples in 51 minutes
The Ringers:
1 Hazel Horobin
2 Gill Platt-Hopkin
3 Lawrie Penman
4 Nick Harrison
5 David Williams
6 Elaine Scott
7 Peter Scott (c)
8 Les Middleton

Elaine Scott Tower Captain

(The articles above appeared in the February 2013 issue of Inspire)  

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