From the Ringing Chamber

 Dec 2004

On Tuesday 2nd November 2004,
All Souls Day

the Ranmoor Ringers rang
a Quarter Peal of
 St. Clements College Bob Triples
1260 Changes in 50 minutes

Tenor 16cwt 1qtr 5lb

Hazel Horobin Treble  Elaine Scott 5th
Chris Bennett  2nd Peter Scott 6th
Pauline Heath 3rd Robin Story (conductor) 7th
David Williams 4th James Stanton Tenor

  The Quarter was rung half muffled, remembering all those from this Parish who have died during this year, especially Canon Charles Richardson and The Very Revd Alfred Jowett, both Honorary Clergy at this Church, and Kenneth Glossop, former Churchwarden.

  “Half muffled” means that there is a piece of leather with elasticated straps (see muffles pictures) attached to each bell. The leather part fits over one side of the ball of the clapper and is held in place by the straps. As we ring, the first part of the stroke sounds normally but the side of the clapper hitting the bell on the return stoke gives a deadened sound due to the leather cushioning the clapper. The effect is very atmospheric and evocative.

  Following the half-muffled quarter peal on All Souls Day and half-muffled ringing for Remembrance Sunday, the muffles are stored away for 6 weeks until New Year’s Eve when we will be ringing half muffled from 11.30 until 11.50pm as the year comes to a close. The muffles will then be taken off the bells and, on the stroke of midnight, the Tenor bell will toll out for the count of 12 before we all join in and ring with the bells open (as you normally hear them) for a further twenty minutes to celebrate the arrival of 2005.

  Before we get to New Year, however, we have of course December, a busy month with many additional services. There is a notice in the Church porch showing all the occasions when the bells will be ringing. There is usually a special atmosphere in the Belfry on Christmas Eve when we ring at 11 pm to call the congregation to the 11.30 pm Midnight Mass. We always hope to have all ten bells ringing but as some ringers are away over Christmas this can never be guaranteed. We will welcome any extra ringers who may be visiting families in Sheffield over this period.

Pauline Heath (Tower Captain)

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