From the Ringing Chamber

 Sept 2004


  Most of you reading this article will no doubt have heard the bells ringing at Ranmoor, whether on a Sunday for the morning or evening service, or on a Saturday or Friday for weddings. Or you may wonder why there is ringing on a Tuesday evening.

  Our primary function as ringers is to call people to worship on Sundays. We ring from 9.30 to 10am and 5.45 to 6.30pm for this purpose. Tuesday night is practice night, and anyone is welcome to come up the spiral staircase, found just inside the outer door of the church, to see what goes on. We will be happy to teach you to ring, although it is not generally something that can be mastered in a few learners’ sessions – but well worth all those weeks of pulling on a tied bell.

  Once a new recruit is able to handle a bell, he or she will be able to join us on one of our outings where we go and ring the bells at other churches. Earlier this year we had a days ringing on the outskirts of Birmingham, and in September we are going around the Mansfield area.

  We have 10 bells at Ranmoor, the lightest being 4 cwt and the heaviest (the Tenor) being 16 cwt. We endeavour to ring all 10 on Sundays but holidays etc may mean that fewer ringers are present and consequently fewer bells are rung. We have been fortunate in the past that people who have learned to ring elsewhere have moved into our area and joined our band. Sadly as is going to happen very soon, ringers also move away, but we hope that they have enjoyed their time with us and will go on to ring peals of bells in a church in their new surroundings.

  There are other occasions when the bells are rung, perhaps to celebrate an event, and on the first Sunday in July we rang a quarter peal of 1259 changes of Grandsire Caters to mark our curate Revd Frances Eccleston presiding at her first Eucharist following her ordination on the previous Wednesday evening.
The ringers were:
Hazel Horobin Treble  Nick Harrison 6th
Chris Bennett  2nd Peter Scott 7th
Pauline Heath 3rd Elaine Scott  8th
Richard Owen 4th Robin Story (conductor) 9th
David Williams 5th Les Middleton Tenor

  This quarter peal was rung during our local ringing associations quarter peal weekend. Another quarter was rung on the Saturday afternoon of Plain Bob Major by 8 ringers and a final one on the Sunday evening, again with 8 ringers – the method this time being St Clements College Bob Triples.

  Having read this article, or perhaps tried to read through all the ringing jargon, pick up your next copy of the Church Magazine when some of the words and terminology that we use in the belfry are explained.

Pauline Heath (Tower Captain)

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