The Sheffield District  &
Old East Derbyshire Amalgamated 
Society of Change Ringers

Picture: The Sheffield District & Old East Derbyshire Amalgamated Society of Change Ringers, May 1906A large photograph of the Society's 1906 Annual meeting
at St Maries, Sheffield, taken at 5 p.m on Sat 5th May 1906.

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Can anyone be identified? Particularly any of the following
(who were ringers at Ranmoor or rang in a peal at Ranmoor):-

Francis Allen,  H. Allen,  Walter Allwood,  Joseph Atkin, William Biggin, 
Leonard Charlesworth,  Richard Collier,  Richard (not W) Collier,  Richard W Collier,  James A. Dixon,
J. Evinson,  William Fox,  Frank Green,  William Goodwin,  W. Goodwin,
Robert Harrison,  Charles Haynes,  H. Haynes,  John Holman,   William Mellor, 
John Mulligan,  W. Noble,  Sydney F. Palmer,  G. Pearson, 
William S. Plant,  Charles R. Sawyer,  Thomas Sawyer,  John Thorpe, 
Alfred H Ward,  Arthur Ward,  Francis Ward,  Maurice Ward, 

(Maybe you have a photo of one or more of them - we would be interested in a copy).

There are 88 ringers in the photo, of the total membership of  182,
  in positions as follows from left to right:
 B1 - 19  Back row,
 C1 - 20 Next Row,
 D1 - 21 Middle Row ,
 E1 - 19  Next Row (seated),
 F1 -   9  Front row (sat on floor) 
D06 is Joseph Osguthorpe (rang in Ranmoor peals 18, 28, 30, 33, 38-43).
F08 is Sam Thomas (rang in Ranmoor Peals Peals 4-10, 12-24, 26-39, 41-44).

BN25-1906 1264:133-4 i180


  The Annual Meeting of the above society took place at Sheffield on Saturday, May 5th. There was a record attendance, members being present from Barnsley, Bolsover, Bolsterstone, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Ecclesfield, Killamarsh, North Wingfield, Norton, Rotherham, Treeton, Wath, Nottingham, Derby, as well as a strong representation from all the Sheffield towers. The bells of St. Marie’s (8) were at the disposal of the society from 3p.m. to 7p.m., also by kind permission of the parish church company the peal of twelve were likewise at liberty for the same period, hence, excepting one brief space, the bells were incessantly going with touches in the various standard and advanced methods.

  As previously announced, a large photograph of the members present was taken
in the parish churchyard at 5 p.m., everything passing of in a prompt and satisfactory manner, thanks to the efforts of the sub-committee appointed to make all arrangements, and it was very gratifying indeed to see that the members willingly responded to the call.

  The business meeting was held at The Sportsman inn, Cambridge Street, the headquarters of the society, at 7.30 p.m., Mr. Sam Thomas (President), occupying the chair. Messrs. G. Hollis (Chesterfield), and G. Lewis (Sheffield), were elected auditors, and whilst these gentlemen were checking the accounts, the members were regaling themselves with sandwiches, which had been thoughtfully provided for by a few local friends.

  Business commenced with the presentation to the society of a new peal-book, the gift of Mr. Sam Thomas, who received a hearty vote from the members for his valuable addition to the society’s assets. The minutes of the last meeting having been confirmed, the accounts were read out in detail by the Hon. Secretary, and placed on the table. These shew a record membership of four honorary members and 182 ringing members, being an increase of twenty-eight over last year, whilst the financial side is credited with a balance in hand of 11 5s. 3d. On the proposition of the auditors they were passed as read.

  The President gave a short address, outlining the progress made by the society, and he was pleased to say that the record number of sixty-seven peals had been rung during the past year, consisting of eleven different methods, and covering seventeen towers. The conductors numbered eighteen, of which Mr. Clement Glenn headed the list with twenty-two to his credit. Great improvement had also been made in the number of advanced peals rang, amongst which was the first peal of London Surprise. Another special feature was the accomplishment of eight peals on handbells, the first recorded by the society. The total list of peals is as follows: Grandsire Triples 6; Caters 2; Stedman Triples 11; Caters 6; Cinques i ; Kent Major g ; Royal i ; Oxford Major i ; Bob Major, 7; Royal i ; Forward Major i ; College Single 2 : Double Norwich 5; Superlative 2; Yorkshire 1; London 1; Treble Bob Minor (seven different methods) 1; on handbells— Grandsire Triples 6; Bob Major 2; total 67.

  The fixtures for the ensuing year as chosen by the Committee, were then put before the meeting, and secured unanimous assent. The following officers were re-elected: President — Mr. Sam Thomas; Vice-president - Mr. James A. Dixon; Hon. Secretary — Mr. Sidney F. Palmer. Mr. Edwin James having resigned the hon. treasurership, Mr. David Brearley was unanimously elected to that office. The committee, which were elected en bloc, consisted of one nomination from each tower in union.

  Some discussion arose as to the advisability of conducting the practice meetings in a systematical manner, whereby all members would have opportunities to take up the advanced methods, and at the same time give the learners every assistance in practising the standard methods, and at the suggestion of the President it was eventually decided that the first and last hour should be devoted to the standard methods, and the two middle hours to Surprise ringing.

  Another important matter was brought forward by the President, who proposed that a certificate should be given by the Society to the tower that shewed the highest percentage of attendances for Sunday ringing, at the end of each year, and on this being seconded by Mr. Sam Seed, it was unanimously carried. This does not mean to convey or even suggest that the attendance for ringing at the Sunday services is not all that could be desired, in fact, it is well-known that ringers put themselves to inconveniences to attend their sacred duty, but merely to create a little friendly competition in the district, the certificate to be considered an ornament of credit to the winning tower.

   A vote of thanks to the past officers for services rendered was proposed by Mr. A. Marwood, and seconded by Mr. G. Halksworth, to which Mr. Thomas suitably replied. Ten new members were elected. A vote of thanks to the clergy and to the St. Marie’s and parish church companies for the use of the bells, etc., was given by the President, and seconded by Mr. G. O. Dixon, which concluded the business.

  Some amusement was then caused by the presentation to the Hon. Secretary of a tin hat (which had been previously passed round the room to get copper-bottomed and silver-lined) by the passive resister, as a mark of esteem for his untiring efforts in connection with his official duties, the act of kindness being greatly appreciated by him. The remainder of the evening was spent in friendly intercourse, songs, touches and tunes on the handbells, etc.

  Thus endeth another year, leaving the society in the most prosperous condition it has ever yet attained. May it continue so.

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