Picture: Corner of Address to Sam Thomas Picture: Address to Sam Thomas

A gloriously illuminated & hand written
Address to Sam Thomas,
 which has hung on the wall of the ringing chamber
for some 80 years; 
only to have been apparently lost,
shortly after this photo was taken, 
during the building work in the spring of 2004
to repair the opening windows in the ringing chamber.

Unfortunately there is no good picture of this framed address

 The full text of the address appears below:

The Sheffield District &
Old East Derbyshire
Amalgamated Society of
Change Ringers

To Mr Sam Thomas

We the Members of the above Society consider the
present an appropriate time to express to you our 
sincere thanks, and to present to you some slight recog-
-nition of out appreciation in connection with your great 
work and enduring efforts on behalf of this Society;
extending over a period of some 21 years. As one who
was primary responsible for the inception of the Old
Sheffield Junior Society in 1890, and for the subsequent
developments which resulted in the formation of the -
present Amalgamated Society, you have spared no
efforts in order to further their respective interests.
Further after serving for many years as first Pres-
-ident of the Amalgamated Society, you did much
to hold the Society together for some six years, [includ-
-ing the anxious period of the Great War] as its secretary

Further we wish to place on record our appre-
-ciation of your unselfish and disintere-
-sted efforts in the advancement of the
Art of Change Ringing. In devoting so
much of your time to the training and enco-
-agement of beginners in the Art.

And your work on behalf of newly formed
Companies. But for these efforts the Art
of Change Ringing in the District would
have been much behind the present
state. We ask you to accept the accompanying Smoker's
Cabinet and this Address, with our most ~
cordial good wishes, & we trust that you may be spared
for many years to continue your good work

Signed on Behalf of the Subscribers:

George Lewis    President Rev J. F. Amiss } Hon. Joint Secretarys
Arthur Knights J W Shawn }
John Hofman } V. Presidents J W Shawn } Presents
J. E. Lewis Cockey    Hon. Treasurer J. E. Lewis Cockey } ??
    Chas Haynes  

For presentation of above see S&D AGM 1923

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