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YACR 1914 Annual Report, vol39 p181.

Died July 3rd, 1914, in his 60th year.

  Mr. Atkin joined our Association in 1885, and took part in 66 peals, ranging from Minor to Maximus and from Plain Bob to Superlative; his last peal being one of Double Norwich C.B. Major at Ranmoor as recorded in this report under No. 2388.

  He commenced his ringing career on the old ring of six in his native village of Norton, near Sheffield, and when the present ring of eight were installed he took part in the first and a number of subsequent peals on them. On coming to reside in the city he joined the Sheffield Parish Church (now the Cathedral) company in 1903, with whom he rang a considerable number of peals on ten and twelve bells, remaining a member until the day of his death.

  In the presence of a large number of ringers and friends his mortal remains were laid to rest in Norton Cemetery, within the sound of his native bells, on Tuesday, July 7th, the service being conducted by the Ven. Archdeacon Jones, Vicar of Sheffield. After the committment, two verses of the hymn "Rock of Ages” were sung and a course of Grandsire Triples was rung at the graveside.

  In the evening muffled touches of Stedman Cinques were rung on the Cathedral bells, and on the following day a half-muffled peal of Kent Treble Bob was rung at Ranmoor.

  Deceased was perhaps best known by the familiar sobriquet of "Soda" and his rendering of old world ditties in the Sheffield grinders’ vocabulary at many social gatherings will long be remembered by ringers, not only of Sheffield, but also by a great number of visitors from all over the country.

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    YACR 1914 Annual Report, vol39 p181.

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