Charles Haynes Memorial Cupboard

  Ranmoor AGM 15 Nov 1942

Minute: That the gift of 2, which was given by the Church Authorities for refreshment for the ringers, be devoted to the erection of a memorial Board to the memory of our late secretary & comrade - Mr Charles Haynes.
- carried unanimously -

 Ranmoor AGM Sun 9 Jan 1944

Minute:  It was agreed that E. Palin approach Mr Snow on the matter of the Memorial Book Case proposed to make as a memorial to the late Mr. Charles Haynes.

Photo: the cupboard   The Charles Haynes Memorial cupboard in the ringing chamber.

The access to the bells is via the removable step ladder up the LHS of the cupboard, then via the vertical ladder from the top of the cupboard. The step ladder has to be removed to enable the 9th to be rung.
Photo: the inscription  
 The inscription on the cupboard:

"In memory of
 died Oct.17.1942 aged 65
 who was a ringer in this tower
 for over 40 years."

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Yorkshire Association meeting at Barnsley Sat Jun 19th 1943

Mention was made of the late Charles Haynes, Ranmoor; W. Burgar and W. Hammond, Sheffield, and John Flint, Bolsover, the company standing in silence as a token of respect.

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