Sam Thomas Smoker's Cabinet
surfaces in Texas 

Picture: Sam Thomas cabinet

On July 28 2018, we recieved an email from Nathan:
I’m not sure if this is any interest to you or not, but I saw for sale online here locally (Austin, Texas, USA) a smokers cabinet that  matches the description of that presented to Mr. Sam Thomas. I have attached the pictures for you.  I thought it was a really neat piece!

Picture: Sam Thomas cabinet 
Historical Note:
On Sat 5th May 1923, at the AGM at Ranmoor of the Sheffield District and Old East Derbyshire Amalgamated Society of bellringers,
Sam Thomas was  presented with 'a very handsome smoker’s cabinet (fitted up with tobacco, cigars and cigarettes), with a suitable inscription on an attached plate, an exceptionally beautiful illuminated and framed address '

Picture: Sam Thomas cabinet

I have no idea how it got to Texas! I am going to meet up with the owner and buy it because I think it is really neat, even though I’m not a smoker. I am not a ringer, however after doing a little research on it I found it to be interesting.

We sent then Nathan some further details of Sam Thomas.

Picture: Sam Thomas cabinet

Thank you for sharing this information about Mr. Thomas! Sounds like he accomplished a lot and was quite the admirable guy. I actually found the cabinet for sale on Facebook marketplace. The cabinet was listed for sale by a person named Dan Pederson who lives in Hutto, Texas. He said the cabinet was a gift from his mother but that was all that he told me. I did see on Dans Facebook profile that he went to high school and college in New York so perhaps it made its way into America from the north east. I’m so intrigued by it’s history and appreciate all you have told me about it. I’m not a smoker but I could not pass up this treasure when I saw it for sale!  


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