Ringing for Armistice 2018

100 years of remembrance,
Ringing Remembers & The Battle's Over

This special day consisted of 4 sessions of ringing at Ranmoor.

 Morning Service 09:45 - 10:30

Picture: Ringing for Armistice100

The day started with raising the half-muffled bells, commencing with the front six (see Photo).

The usual half muffled ringing for 10:30 morning Remembrance Service (Parish Communion - Orchestral Mass) followed,
where a touch of 630 changes of Grandsire Triples was rung.


The bells were lowered just before the start of the service, in order to remove the muffles in preparation for the next event.

Morning Service at Oadby, Leicestershire,

200 Call Changes:
Jo Green 1, Diana Young 2, Matt Groves 3, Jane Farrelly 4,
Ian McKelvie 5, Will Johnson 6, John Thompson 7, Andrew Young (C) 8.

Matt Groves learned to ring (Ranmoor, Sheffield) as part of ‘Ringing Remembers’.
Rung half-muffled before the morning service of remembrance.

RW5614  :1202

 Ringing Remembers 12:30 -13:00
Picture: List of ringers

All the remaining ringing this day was open, the muffles having been removed.

This session of ringing was the culmination of the Ringing Remembers initiative to recruit and train 1400 new ringers to match those lost in WW1. 

Five of our learners at Ranmoor, including three 'Ringing Remembers' recruits (David Groves, Ruth Groves & Jeremy Groves, Jenny Alford & Carolyn Alford)  all participated in various rounds on the front six.

The session ended with Rounds and Call Changes on the 10, which included 'Roller Coaster' (32165498710). Other ringers were Jeff Colbert, Janet Else, Daisy Wolstenholme, Elaine Scott, Peter Scott, Peter Allott, David Rushby, Tony Jones, Leslie Middleton, & Nick Harrison.


 Evening Service 17:30 - 18:30

A Quarter Peal of 1400 changes of Grandsire Triples was rung before the evening service (Choral Evensong) for Armistice Centenary day.


The Battle's Over 19:05 - 19:10

To conclude the day of ringing, Rounds and Call Changes were rung at 19:05 in celebration of Peace, as part of The Battle's Over day of Commemorative Events. This was coordinated with the vicar to coincide with a reflective part of the evening service. The ringers were Janet Else, David Rushby, Peter Allott, Nick Harrison, Tony Jones, Robin Story, Peter Scott and Les Middleton.


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