Royal Maunday Service


Cathedral Church of
SS Peter & Paul
Thu Apr 2 2015
3h28 (34)
5040 Bristol S Royal
Comp. R J Angrave

1 Alison K Bennett
2 Malcolm S Turner
3 Stephen J Hall
4 Richard F Knights (C)
5 Chris Bostock
6 Simon J Reading
7 Gary J Audley
8 Christopher M Bennett
9 Tim R Palmer
10 Alan G Reading
Following the Royal Maundy Service
at which one of the recipients was Robin Story, ringer at Ranmoor.


Sheffield, S Yorks.
(Cathedral of Ss Peter & Paul)
2 Apr 2015,
1320 Grandsire Cinques:

 Judith M Reading 1,
Stephen J Hall 2,
Judith S McCoy 3,
Caroline J Brash 4,
Harriet S E Mather 5,
Simon J Reading 6,
Tim R Palmer (C) 7,
Andrew P Thackeray 8,
Peter W McCoy 9,
Alison K Bennett 10,
Christopher M Bennett 11,
Emily V R Waters 12.

For the Royal Maundy Service,
by a local band &
with special congratulations to Robin Story, ringer at Ranmoor,
one of the recipients of the Maundy Money.

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