Clapper Bushes


Chapter I

All ten clappers were rebushed as part of the
1992-3 refurbishment work.
The original bushes,  with grease nipples, were replaced with a new self lubricating, maintenance free, synthetic design with nylon, said to last a lifetime, some 30 years.
The original bushes had been in for some 59 years.



Chapter Ib

The front 4 surprisingly required re-rebushing by as early as Spring 1999, due to excessive wear. It was found that the original pins, with oilways had been refitted into the new bushes of 1993. 



Chapter Ic

The 9th got a new bush with its new clapper in Aug 2004, which didn't even last 2 years before seizing in mid ring! The opposite of excessive wear for a change.  



Chapter II

In Spring 2007 all  the clappers (bar the 9th) once again went down to Taylors for rebushing, following increasing reports of wear in annual inspections. 

It is to be hoped iolite, the current flavour of material, lasts significantly longer than these recent attempts.



Chapter IIb

Unfortunately,  the Taylors annual inspection showed the bush on the 3rd to have worn free, and requires replacing already!


3rd clapper delivered to Taylors, for a warranty rebushing.   


Chapter III

The Taylors annual inspection once again found excessive wear on the clapper bushes, and once again require replacing! 


The third complete rebushing is now underway, this time Taylors returning to a more resilient design of phosphor bronze bearing with grease nipple, mounted in rubber.  This design has over 10 years use by Hayward Mills Associates.

The 5th & 6th were rebushed first. As in all the previous times Ranmoor ringers removed the clappers & transported them to and from Loughborough to keep down the costs.

 The 7th - Tenor were done next as the second batch.
The clappers were returned and refiited in time to have 10 bells ringing again for Easter.

The opportunity was taken this time to investigate with Taylors whether anything could be done to improve these back four as they are not easy to raise right and the 7th & Tenor have always been somewhat oddstruck.
This resulted in all the clappers, except the 6th, being turned down so as to obtain the correct swing speeds.

The sixth clapper, a wrought iron one, had been welded previously and therefore other than re-bushing it has been left untouched. Fortunately the speed of swing was almost spot on.

The odd struckness of the 7th has been totally cured.

The 9th clapper (new in 2006, and trimmed to fit) was replaced with a new one that now fits the rest of the swing times in the peal.


The third and final batch of clappers (Treble -4th) were the last to be completed by June 2012. 

Lets hope this time they have got it right -  the original Gillett & Johnson clapper bushes lasted 59 years!


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