2001 - 2004
Work in the Tower

  During the past year or so various non-ringing related work has gone on up the tower, but the bells have kept going through the difficulties.

2001-2002: Sound control and safety work.

  This work was undertaken in the belfry to provide a hand rail above the bells, and improve sound control by replacing the old shuttering with adjustable ones, and included a sliding door to replace the trapdoor that had to be lowered using your head.

Photo: New hand rails

New hand rails (black) above frame

New shutters as sound-proofing

2003-2004: Mobile phone aerials installed above the bells

The bells have kept going through the difficulties, despite the obstacles found when turning up to ring on several occasions. 

Initial Mess, 
as holes were about to be drilled for the aerial cables, 
showing original panelling

Initial Mess2

Scaffolding in place
for work on the mobile phone aerials

The east mobile phone aerial

Aerial cables in ringing chamber, 
showing new panelling, partially removed for inspection.

Cables entering the ringing chamber, 
from the transmitter in the basement, 
via the church roof-space,
after additional brickwork.

Cables going up above the staircase, 
through to the bell chamber


2004: The "Opening" windows

  Further disturbance ensued when access to the opening windows  in the ringing chamber had to be improved  as one of the widows fixings corroded away. 

Photo: the windows from outside

There are 12 windows visible from the outside of the tower (3 on each side), but only 6, originally 8,  are visible on the inside. The extra 2 (one each on the east & west sides), the only ones with opening windows, had been fully bricked up many years ago (possibly in 1934) leaving a single brick grilled opening for the windows controlling wires to run. Picture shows the East side with the hidden, opening window in the centre

The brickwork beginning to be cut away


The new opening being enlarged


The Mess yet again.
It is likely that the framed Address to Sam Thomas was lost during this time


The original grilles  (visible in the picture above) -
the only access through to the opening windows


Photo: the new panel

The new panel covering the hole


Decorating the ringing chamber

Now other work has finished in the tower, the redecoration work is well on the way.


After - 
 New paintwork and carpet

  Just the staircase & bell-frame now left to paint!


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