Bell News vol  5, Iss 251,  page 344
15th Jan 1887


  On Sunday morning, January 2nd, one of the most terrific fires ever witnessed in Sheffield took place at St. Jqhn's Church, Ranmoor.

  About half-past nine o’clock, Mr. Leighton, the verger discovered that the church was on fire, he at once sent a message to the fire brigade, and ran himself to inform the Vicar (the Rev. A. G. Tweedie) who was soon on the spot.

  By this time most of the ringers had arrived, but only to find their church all in flames from one end to the other, the tower being the only place where the fire had not reached. Happily the fire brigade soon arrived, just in time to save the towe and the bells.

  The church is completely gutted, nothing remaining but the outer wall.

  The door at the bottom of the belfry steps was on fire and had it not been for the prompt supply of water at the time, the tower and the bells would most certainly have been completely destroyed.

  This church was one of the most beautiful round about Sheffield, it was built by the late John Newton Mappin, Esq., and was opened on the 23rd April, 1879, the pulpit was given by J. Y. Cowlishaw, Esq., the splendid organ by C. H. Firth, Esq., and the peal of eight bells was given by the late William Smith, Esq.

  Nothing but the latter now remains to be seen, all the rest is a complete mass of rubbish.

  The church was insured in the Alliance Insurance Company for 9400, which sum, I am glad to inform your readers, the directors have decided to pay in full.

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